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  1. Anne Wade USA on 8 April

    Love listening to the new kid on the block😊 David Yarnall👏🏻 he plays some really cool music🎼
    And has an interesting voice 😎 Big welcome to the SR family😊

    • David Yarnall on 10 April

      Thank you Anne for your very kind words – they are much appreciated and I’m so glad you enjoy my programme. New kid on the block I may well be to Serenade Radio after about 18 years away from the world of the wireless having taunted people for 25 years or so previous to 2004/2005 here in the Uk on local and national radio – I thought the populace needed a rest!! It’s a great radio station with which to be involved and I am enjoying my return to the world of broadcasting. Thanks again for taking the trouble to contact Serenade Radio and keep listening.

  2. Dave Hilton on 5 April

    Serenade Radio is being played all day for me through my ‘Alexa’. I just love the variety of music, so much is of my era, I am now in my 80s and my musical appreciation sort of declined after 1960! Listening to ‘Music while you work’ each morning takes me back to the days of working in a factory in the early 50s. Keep it up.

  3. John on 2 April

    Listening in and enjoying the new ‘Dawn Chorus’ with Ed Wellman from 6am. And, he’s back Sunday morning too. Bravo, Serenade.

  4. Anne Wade on 27 March

    Love listing to Mark Steyn ❤️ His stories are so informative and so different in so many ways. Great job👏🏻👏🏻 Miss seeing you on Tucker😄 hope to see you back soon😊 U.S.A.🇺🇸

  5. Glenda. Hampshire on 27 March

    So sorry to hear Paul Robey and David Lloyd have left Serenade Radio.
    Paul welcomed me to the station during the Lockdown when for six months we were able to receive your programmes via Dab Radio in the car.
    Used to listen to David on Sunday afternoon whilst relaxing after Sunday lunch. I have to thank him for introducing me to a fantastic Michael Feinstein track ‘My Romance’ which has become a very firm

  6. RAY on 26 March

    great programme tonight Roger…for me worth another listen on Monday…am really pleased Andy
    mentioned your show last year,otherwise doubt I would have known about it,as music is well before
    my time,but thoroughly enjoy the varied selections played.

  7. Paul W on 26 March

    Such a chilled afternoon listening to Cindy Kent in the garden with a glass of wine. So good for the soul! Thanks, Cinders!

    • Cindy kent on 13 April

      Thank you Paul. Love my two hours on Serenade. Such a joy playing great music.

  8. Robin in Cheshire on 26 March

    Jeff Owen’s show is always so interesting, the facts he comes up with! I love his choice of music and his sense of humour. I wish he was on more often…
    Thanks for such a great radio station, I’m so pleased I found you.

    • Jeff Owen on 27 March

      Hello Robin ,
      We’re so pleased that you found us too!
      I’m afraid that my brain has become a Steptoe’s yard of random fact clutter over the years. I do tend to share them don’t I?
      Glad that you’re enjoying it all, and thanks for your kind comments.

      All the best.

  9. Anne Wade on 23 March

    Sorry to hear David Lloyd is leaving SR loved listening to his soothing voice🙂 he will be missed🥲
    Best wishes and god speed David🙏🏻

  10. Jim Wilson on 22 March

    So sad to see David Lloyd leaving Serenade. He has a wonderful relaxing voice for radio

  11. Jay & Karen in Kentucky on 19 March

    This Richard ‘Groove’ Holme is fantastic! Have a new album to buy now. Thank you!

  12. Cynth on 19 March

    Listening to Showstoppers from the Midlands. Love it , sooo relaxing

  13. Ray Burnett on 17 March

    Thanks Serenade for including the UK Time on your website. In New Zealand, with NZ Standard Time or NZ Daylight Saving and UK Daylight Saving (any combination thereof), it took a degree in higher mathematics to work our whether we were 11, 12 or 13 hours ahead of the UK and made following a particular programme a hit-and-miss affair. Not any more, problem solved, so thanks again.
    On a different note, Mark Steyn’s Song of the Week on 13 February was “As Time Goes By”. About halfway through, Mark played, as background to his spiel, an instrumental version of the song, instantly recognisable as that by the Beegie Adair Trio. I’m sure Mark was aware of the untimely passing of Beegie on 23 January and that this was a lovely but unannounced tribute to her. She recorded over 100 albums over her lifetime, and I’m pleased to hear her occasionally on Serenade.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Simon McLean on 17 March

      Very sorry to hear Beegie Adair is no longer with us – her music turns up quite often in my Music Box shows, and it’s always a delight.

  14. Erica on 13 March

    Mark Steyn…
    I absolutely love your “Song of the Week” show. Getting to hear all the different renditions of songs I’d only heard by one or two artists; e.g., today… I love the Platters–greatest group of the 1950’s. Nevertheless, I like Tamara’s version (not the one in “Roberta”) of “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” best of all. I had never heard it before today. To your point that the song kept getting slower & slower… Why do arrangers think that love songs have to be sung like funeral dirges to sound emotionally authentic? I have the same problem with Roberta Flack’s version of “The First Time I Saw Your Face.” After listening to the rendition on my favorite Gordon Lightfoot album (his first, I believe) for so long, that’s what hers sounds like to me… A topic for another day perhaps. Looking forward to next week. 🙂

  15. schatzi on 12 March

    Shout out to all the hosts/hostesses that give so much enjoyment. Special howdy to Andy Marriott for all the giggles. Toodle pip!

  16. Stephen on 11 March

    I can’t get up in the morning until I have heard Andy’s “bit of twaddle”. Invariably funny but please no more Charlie Drake as he drives me mad. Love the show apart from when he’s on. Greetings from Halifax.

  17. John in Liverpool on 8 March

    Hi Mark Steyn. I’d be interested to know what Sinatra thought of the work of Bacharach and David as the easy listening hitmakers of the 60s when Frank was recording more contemporary songs.

  18. David Bownes on 8 March

    Hi Andy , you played Johnny Mathis today singing “A Time For Us” , and wanted to know which film it came from, it was Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet, staring Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting, sung in
    Italian in the film , there is another very good version by Shirley Bassey
    Thanks for another great programme

  19. Karel Pieter Buijse on 6 March

    Hello Friends! As a regular listener of Serenade Radio for about one and a half years I want to thank you for the continuing sound of easy listening music! Thanks to a advertisement by you on Facebook
    I discovered Serenade Radio on my internet radio with big speakers here in the Netherlands! I have weekly contact with Kevin Taylor and talk about music and his outstanding programs. Also the other presenters do a great job of course. Question: is it possible to please the listeners with very nice duets and put them into your library: Ann Murray together with Glenn Campbell with: I say a little prayer/ By the time I get to Phoenix, which they integrated to one beautiful song? Also the easy listening soulversion of it by Dionne Warwick together with Isaac Hayes: I say a little prayer/ By the time I get to Phoenix? The last one I have on LP record and both are easy to find on YouTube. I hope you can help us and please many listeners! Keep up the good work! Greetings Karel Pieter Buijse, Netherlands.