Serenade Radio times

12.0 AM

Music Box

SIMON McLEAN with an hour of mostly instrumental music


The Late Show

with SEAN USHER. Join Sean for two hours of the most relaxing music from Crooners to Divas and of course some friendly late night banter


A Little Night Music

with JOHNNY ‘MAC’ McATASNEY  featuring a mini mystery year – three songs, one year, three of the best from an artist of the week, a classic movie theme and this week’s star birthday.

Johnny McAtasney



ED WELLMAN‘s here as you wake up, or power down (if you’re a night owl) with gentle choral music, relaxing classics, and some vocal harmony. The weekend lies ahead. Including a ‘Weekend Wish’ at 6.30.

Ed Wellman


Steve James

An evocative mix of music inspired by the late-1960s heyday of Breakfast Special, which blended the likes of Tony Hatch and Sergio Mendes with the more melodic pop hits of the day.


Great Oldies

Music from the ’60s and ’70s.  Join JEFF OWEN  for his Super, Soaraway, Sensational, Saturday Show.


Radio Heroes

Presented by PETER TOMLINSON  who traces the lives and careers of some of the UK’s most popular and enduring radio presenters.This week the man who made the sounds so easy, Alan Dell.

Produced by BRIAN SAVIN


Stuart Linnell

Hear what Stuart refers to as ‘great singers and great songs’. The Great American Songbook sits alongside popular tunes from both sides of the Atlantic. With memorable melodies and carefully crafted lyrics, it adds up to music that should never be forgotten.


Weekend Company

with CINDY KENT With the day’s chores just a memory, Cindy entertains.


on the town

MARK STEYN presents an hour of songs from across a century and around the world – plus a deep dive into six decades of Sinatra.



Andy Marriott’s TV Show 

An hour of some of the most memorable music ever written; TV themes. 


The Dance Band Days

Memories of the ’20s ’30s and ’40s with ROGER WILLIAMS
Repeated on Monday 9pm


Dinner at Eight

A cosy candle-lit supper with SIMON McLEAN

Simon Mclean

Home of the Stars

Your company is always welcome at the ‘Home of the Stars’ in Palm Springs, California with your host, KEVIN TAYLOR. Enjoy a musical journey through the pages of the Great American Songbook and listen for the stories behind the songs, singers, and composers.

Kevin Taylor

11.0 – 12.0

Late Night Extra

Our weekly nocturnal exploration of the dustier shelves of the Serenade record library. Colourful exotica from the international music scene of the 1960s along with forgotten melodic pop gems make for an eclectic late night listen as Saturday draws to a close with STEVE JAMES

Steve James