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  1. Neil on 16 May

    Just a note to flag an error Mark in your commentary in the always excellent Song of the Week this Week. Bing recorded Time on My Hands for his 1976 album Feels Good, Feels Right with arrangements by Alan Cohen. This recording wasn’t part of the Ken Barnes/Pete Moore work. You are perfectly correct however that this is latter Bing at his best. It’s an absolute corker.

  2. Brian Bunn on 14 May

    Hi, Just wondered if there’s any chance of repeating “Music While You Work” and “Sing Something Simple” ? I really like these two programmes, but am not available to listen sometimes.

    • Andy Marriott on 15 May

      Hi Brian, At the moment there are no plans to repeat either programme I’m afraid. Nothing is set in stone though. Of course, Sing Something Simple does get an early morning repeat on Mondays at 5am, but that’s probably a bit anti-social! Thanks for getting in touch.
      Andy Marriott, Station Manager.

  3. Paul on 13 May

    Discovered Serenade Radio on Mark Steyn’s awesome site. I feel the personal comments and introductions add so much enjoyment to the wonderful playlists. I am Paul from SW Ohio

  4. Phil Burton on 11 May


    Love your jazz programme. Absolutley enjoyed All Of Me this week.

    • Stuart Linnell on 8 May

      Thank you Frank. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for listening.

  5. Tom Colmey on 8 May

    Listening to Steve James this Sunday morning and what a fantastic choice of tunes (as always) but just made my Sunday morning. Love Serenade 👍

    • Steve James on 8 May

      Thank you Tom, that’s very kind. I do my best!

      • TJ on 15 May

        Hi Steve, Regular listener to your fab Sunday Breakfast. Please would be kind enough to email me the title of the instrumental that you played just after 8 this morning, directly before Bob Lind.Many thanks, keep up the great work.
        Kind regards TJ

        • Stevc James on 15 May

          Hi TJ, thank you for your kind comments. The track in question was ‘Mexican Shuffle’ by Herb Alpert & His Tijuana Brass. Incidentally, at the bottom of the main page of the website there is a rolling list of the last ten songs played, so you can always check on there if something catches your ear.

  6. Pat on 3 May

    Doing a very boring job – sorting through piles of clothes – and Simon McLean is making the whole process bearable – playing some great tunes!

    • Simon McLean on 3 May

      Thank you very much – I’m delighted to hear it helped!

  7. Scott Woodard on 2 May

    I think it was Brian who played ‘Blarney’s Stone’ by Alan Hawkshaw today and then wondered if it had ever been used as a TV theme tune, and yes, it was! It was used as the theme for ‘Dave Allen at Large’ for many a year!

  8. Charles J. van Doornewaard on 1 May

    Greetings from Grootebroek in The Netherlands, approximately 47 miles north of Amsterdam. I recently discovered your great station and I enjoy the fabulous music that I have been hearing. I also like the the fact that the music aired is being identified on your website. Keep up the great excellent work, and I will be listening to your station very regularly. You may count on that. Best regards.

  9. Liz on 30 April

    I’m listening to your amazing station from Whangarei (pronounced “Fong-a-ray”) which is in the North Island of New Zealand. I have not heard such a fabulous line up of songs on any other station, I’m in my mid 50’s and this music just speaks to me. I just want to say a huge thank you for playing these nostalgic and relaxing songs. I will donate so I can help continue this great station. It’s not much as things are tight, but it’s a wee token to show my support and appreciation.

  10. Iris Furnell on 26 April

    I have so enjoyed my sing-along with Serenade Radio this morning – Morning has Broken, The Old Rugged Cross (my father’s favourite) and Amazing Grace – plus the usual wonderful old “standards”. Thank you so much for giving your time to help keep us “oldies” happy – so pleased to have been told about you by my son who does some presenting on City of Lincoln Radio, and who is fully aware that I am not such a keen follower of his 70’s Programme!

    • John Walton on 27 April

      As a co-founder of the station you mention and in recent years a regular contributor to Serenade Radio, I’d be pleased if you could pass my thanks to your son, Andy, both for his steadfast work as a community radio presenter and also for his recommendation that you listen us here at Serenade. I’m glad it’s worked out. Thank you for your kind words and support,

  11. John in Liverpool on 24 April

    As much as I love SR’s weekday shows, I’ve a particular affection for the weekend programmes from Ed Wellman, Steve James, Simon McLean, Kevin Taylor and Peter Tomlinson. Wish they could be repeated.

  12. Glenys Day - Leeds on 22 April

    Hi I have just seen a comment from Chris Hitchcock. I am sure this must be the Chris who for many a year ran the Dublin Branch of the Sinatra Music Society. Please would you pass on my good wishes. I am still Secretary for the Leeds Branch and many of our members are regular listeners.

    • Anne Wade on 23 April

      Hi Glenys I was born in Leeds many many years ago and moved to the the USA as a young girl😀 I love SR listen every day😊 Brings back memories when I listened to the old wireless as a kid😲 And the English accent 😀 is a plus👏🏻

  13. Paul - Rye, East Sussex on 21 April

    It’s great to hear Serenade continuing to go from strength to strength – David Yarnall’s new show is fantastic, such a relaxed manner and superb music choices.
    Do my ears deceive me, or is that Mr “Deadly Alancoat” The Voice of the Balls now doing some of the continuity announcements? If so, amazing!
    Hats off and a huge thank you to everyone involved for making Serenade so very special.

    • David Yarnall on 22 April

      Thank you Paul for your very kind comment on my programme and delivery and yes, Serenade Radio is indeed as you put it going from ‘strength to strength’ and receiving communications from listeners will help us to continue to do so. It is Alan and a number of listeners have said how pleased they are to hear him.
      Thank you again and I hope you’ll keep listening to the station.

  14. Tony Holden on 17 April

    Just been blown away with Mark Kingswood on Johnny Beerling’s Big Band Special, was great to hear him continue the tradition of crooning in modern times, hope to hear some more

  15. Chris Hitchcock on 17 April

    Discovered Serenade Radio in the online music magazine In Tune and as a local radio presenter volunteer in Dublin, Ireland I understand the need for stations such as Serenade in a world of soundalike pop stations that have taken over the airwaves. I enjoyed the archive piece The Billy Ternet Hour yesterday and hearing the witty ripostes between Roger Moffatt and the bandleader brought back many happy memories. Keep up the good work. I noticed one of our major supermarket retailers have advertised with you.

    • Andy Marriott on 17 April

      Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your kind words. Glad you have found us and are enjoying what we do.
      I agree about Roger M, very entertaining.
      As for advertising we don’t carry any. We have no commercial content whatsoever. We are funded entirely by generous donations from listeners, and our own pockets.
      If you heard a commercial it was inserted by Tune-in or one of the other stream providers. If you have an Alexa device there are instructions on our “Tuning in” page to avoid the ads completely!
      Thanks for your message. All the best,
      Andy Marriott, Station Manager

  16. Steve on 17 April

    First time listening on a very late Saturday evening (early Sunday morning) – 2:23 AM here – in central Pennsylvania, and the music and the presenter are both fantastic!

    • Ed Wellman on 17 April

      Thank you for listening Steve, and for your kind words about the Dawn Chorus – next roll call is on Saturday 1am your time, if you’re a night owl! The Weekend Wish at 6.30 (1.30) will be for you – what can I play you?
      Best wishes,
      Ed – The Dawn Chorus

      • Steve on 24 April

        Thank you so much for the Weekend Wish – that made my night!

  17. Alex Moore on 15 April

    Recently found your station on my phone app. An absolute gem! I am 75, living in West Lothian, and listen in the late evening going to sleep. I enjoy guessing the singer which tends to extend my listening time. My tinnitus seems to fade when I tune into your excellent playlists. Keep up the good work. Gratefully yours.

  18. Graham O on 10 April

    Mark where do you get all this information regarding your featured songs? You are a goldmine of information, a real pleasure which the likes of Sir Roger Scruton would have nostalgically appreciated ! Thanks!