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  1. C Martin on 16 June

    Would love to know the song and singers featured in the Mark Steyn show tonight with the happy birthday Polka.

  2. Edward Marples on 16 June

    I listened to Nicola Farnon (Jazz Bassist) in Leopold Square Sheffield on Saturday afternoon and then heard her Great Uncle Robert Farnon on Seranade that evening, Coincidence!!

  3. Paul - Rye, East Sussex on 14 June

    I don’t think there’s another radio station in the world which plays Klaus Wunderlich on a regular basis; Serenade, you’re an absolute joy!

    Thank you to everyone involved who gives of their time freely, your sheer professionalism consistently shines through.

  4. Lincoln on 13 June

    I am SO very glad to have found you! Thank you for the brilliant programming AND for using jingles by JAM of Dallas! The listening experience is just as it should be; smart, smooth, and joyful!

  5. John on 12 June

    I am impressed, constantly by your radio station!
    Andy Marriott is always a gem, Sing something simple is wonderful. But Mark Steyn is a new find for me, I always enjoy his program, interesting and what research! Thank you all.
    I will be donating immediately.

  6. Jay on 12 June

    There’s something rather poignant about Sing Something Simple. It could bring a tear to my eye as I recall my dear old dad tuning in many years ago.

  7. Orson Swindle on 12 June

    And, Nancy Wilson — stunning list of my favorites, Mark. Well done!!

  8. John Huggett on 7 June

    You play the music I would choose, I have not heard anything I don’t like, keep it going please.

  9. Chris Cleave on 3 June

    The wife and I love Serenade Radio. We listen at home in Ashford, Kent on smart speakers, 3 dotted around the house. Alexa, play Serenade Radio. We love Matt Monro, Nat King Cole, Julie London, Val Doonican, Norman Luboff Choir, Four Freshman, the Hi’Lo’s, Bing Crosby, Ken Dodd, Norman Wisdom, Anita Kerr Singers, Roger Whittaker, Jeri Southern, June Christy etc., etc. In fact, pretty everything you play we like. Love Sing Something Simple on Sundays too. Now we’ve got a speaker for the car as we used to miss it when we were out. The only artists we don’t like are Eartha Kitt , Dinah Washington and Mary Wilson, but even they are better than today’s music. Love Andy Marriott and his sense of humour and the fact that he and most of the presenters have no time for all that PC rubbish we have nowadays. I also love he ends his programme with an excerpt from The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. I wish I was in a position to donate but I am only part-time so don’t have spare cash, but I’ll remember you in my will. If possible on the 1pm to 3pm show it would be nice to hear Stephanie de Sykes “We’ll Find Our Day,” or Guys & Dolls “Here I Go Again, ” or Paul Da Vinci “Your Baby Ain’t Your Baby Anymore.” All lovely songs that would be ideal for that programme. I won’t hold you to it though, because what you play is fine. The only time we don’t listen is between 12pm-2pm on a Sunday, but at 2pm I tune straight back in to Serenade and watch footie on the tv with no sound as I’m listening to the radio. Thanks for the only radio station of its type. Love it at Christmas too, when you played Christmas songs by Andy Williams, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby etc that reminded me of my childhood.

  10. Eddie Lewisohn on 31 May

    Mark Steyn announced to his listeners on GBNews (30/5/22)-:
    “I love ABBA.”
    Possibly Mark was joking (or perhaps he meant Eden Ahbez, the “Nature Boy” songwriter, who recorded under the name Abba.)
    But I have a horrible feeling that he wasn’t.
    Does he really share his co-presenter Dan Wooton’s passion for the kings & queens of Kitsch?
    I think we should be told!

  11. Tony James on 29 May

    Once again, another well thought out and programmed, Sunday Breakfast, from the brilliant Steve James (no relation). In the 37 years I’ve been in the radio industry, I have seen so much of the business destroyed, so your show is a bit of an oasis.
    Well done Steve, keep it up. Simon Mcleans Dinner at 8 is another Serenade highlight. Steve could i suggest, as you like forgotten oldies to try the track ‘The Music Plays on’ by Del Shannon from his 67 album of the same name?,
    Best wishes, Tony James

    • Steve James on 30 May

      Thank you very much indeed Tony. I’ll certainly check out the Del Shannon track you mention. All suggestions welcome!

  12. Armando Loni on 28 May

    We discovered the station over a year ago – what a joy – on constantly. I hope Andy M comes back with more of the TV theme show….. That gave us a few pointers to seek out DVDs 😄👍🏻

  13. John in Liverpool on 22 May

    Kevin Taylor’s two weekend evening shows are another highlight of this great station. I’m spreading the word about SR and hope these shows go on a catch-up facility some time. Bravo, all.

  14. Phil Creighton on 21 May

    Just to say how much I love listening across the week. The sheer variety is such a joy to listen to. Big band, easy listening, reflective pieces, 60s…it’s all there. A great example is Saturday afternoons with Cindy Kent. A lovely mixture of music and chat.

    • CindyKent on 21 May

      Thank you very much – and yes, Serenade is a great station! Your point about the variety is what makes it so special. Keep listening!

  15. Sandra Shofner on 20 May

    Listening from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (U.S.A.) via the Radio Garden APP, and I absolutely LOVE Serenade Radio! Thank you for the wonderful, quality programming!

  16. Steve on 20 May

    Serenade is the TCM of classic radio!
    The BEST!!

    Hailing from Sloan, Nevada, USA

  17. Bobbi Bishop on 19 May

    I wanted to tell you hello and that I am listening to your station in Maryland in the United States. I found your station on the Radio Garden app. I am enjoying the music very much. Thank you for what you do. You are helping me get through my workday. Many blessings!

  18. Neil on 16 May

    Just a note to flag an error Mark in your commentary in the always excellent Song of the Week this Week. Bing recorded Time on My Hands for his 1976 album Feels Good, Feels Right with arrangements by Alan Cohen. This recording wasn’t part of the Ken Barnes/Pete Moore work. You are perfectly correct however that this is latter Bing at his best. It’s an absolute corker.

    • Mark Steyn on 22 May

      Very sorry about that, Neil. I was going off a vague memory of chatting with Ken Barnes and him telling me what a great Pete Moore chart that is. But I should have checked, and will from now on. Glad you agree on what a corker it is.

  19. Brian Bunn on 14 May

    Hi, Just wondered if there’s any chance of repeating “Music While You Work” and “Sing Something Simple” ? I really like these two programmes, but am not available to listen sometimes.

    • Andy Marriott on 15 May

      Hi Brian, At the moment there are no plans to repeat either programme I’m afraid. Nothing is set in stone though. Of course, Sing Something Simple does get an early morning repeat on Mondays at 5am, but that’s probably a bit anti-social! Thanks for getting in touch.
      Andy Marriott, Station Manager.

  20. Paul on 13 May

    Discovered Serenade Radio on Mark Steyn’s awesome site. I feel the personal comments and introductions add so much enjoyment to the wonderful playlists. I am Paul from SW Ohio

  21. Phil Burton on 11 May


    Love your jazz programme. Absolutley enjoyed All Of Me this week.

    • Stuart Linnell on 8 May

      Thank you Frank. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for listening.