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  1. Barbara Heathcote on 24 July 2024

    Hi Andy we hear Jack Jones occasionally but how about his dad Allan Jones, perhaps his song Donkey Serenade could qualify as a vintage tune.

  2. Nick Hingley on 23 July 2024

    It’s great to hear Radio Heroes again. Before he got shunted off to the Radio 2 Sunday evening ‘graveyard’ I used to enjoy David Jacobs on Saturday and Sunday mornings – the latter being ‘Melodies for You’ with the third movement of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony introduction. In the 1980s I remember him particularly championing the then relatively unknown ‘Mack & Mabel’ on the Saturday show. That show included a wide variety. I bought an Emmylou Harris LP on the strength of tracks heard.

    I also remember his extended series on Frank Sinatra that went out late on Sunday evenings when the usual ‘Our kind of music’ show took a break. I do wonder if it would be possible to get hold of these for broadcast on Serenade (because I didn’t hear them all!). I doubt the BBC will be needing them again…

  3. Colin on 23 July 2024

    Just to say I love Serenade Radio with its fabulous music from when it really was music and I never hesitate to bring its attention to people who I know will love it as much as I do. Thanks to all involved.

  4. Adrian Long on 22 July 2024

    Hi Andy

    A great nonsense song this morning.
    My father had a rabbit
    And of course by the brilliant broadcaster (pop jockey as he call himself on many occasions).
    Andy I think you are about the only one to say his name for a long time.
    You have to play the bog eye jog.
    Ray would have been really proud of your radio station I think.
    Serenade radio and all your presenters are far brilliant.
    Serenade ought to be radio station of the year bit to short one year.
    You keep alive what I growed up with beautiful music and songs.
    Today’s music will never out last what you play.
    Thank Andy and presenters

  5. Adrian Long on 22 July 2024

    Hello Simon

    Sorry I been busy lately and I wanted to reply to you email you sent to me on 17th April 2024.
    Yes the Robert farnon society magazine are very informative about the Orchestra’s and Writers I still have mine also.

    David Adès was so brilliant about the light orchestral music.
    His CD sleeve note booklets are also very informative.

    Simon have you ever listened to Angel in blue by General Lafayette trumpet player think his music should be included one day on music box he seam to be forgotten he also recorded a few good albums.

  6. Robert Thomson on 22 July 2024

    I love listening to your station from Sydney, especially when it’s your night-time. Your music is lovely.

  7. Steve in Worcs. on 22 July 2024

    “The world’s greatest ever broadcaster!”

    Completely agree, Andy. With you running a close second.

  8. Karen on 21 July 2024

    Lovely anniversary edition of soft folkus tonight Roger. In addition to some of my new favourites that youve introduced me to like Mike Reinstein … It was great to hear the M Craft track and Lady Maisery track . New artists for me to listen to . I have to admit i did miss a chunk between the Springfields and the Unthanks as we had a ‘serenade rat’ medical emergency… But the Unthanks track was splendid as was the Sandy Denny track. Thank you for a year of great Sunday night entertainment . Here’s to the next year.

    • Roger Williams on 24 July 2024

      Hello Karen, thank you for your kind comments and anniversary good wishes. I was sorry to read about your rodent difficulty. It was Marriot too wasn’t it? Hope he’s okay.

      • Karen on 24 July 2024

        Yes Roger it was. Thank you. He’s getting better. Although I think he might be a bit of a prima donna. Dick is made of sterner stuff. 😃

  9. Martyn Bassey on 21 July 2024

    Some brilliant tracks on Late Night Extra on Saturday, including a great song by John Bromley. I’d like to hear some more of his music. Many thanks Mr James 👍

  10. Fraser Sutherland on 21 July 2024

    Is there no end to the gifts Mark Steyn’s ‘On the Town’ and Serenade Radio bestows? I was astonished to hear the bell-like voice of Katyna Ranieri’s ‘Fontana di Trevi’ in Cafe Continental. If ever a singer represented the feel and look and manner of Italian mass culture in the 1950s it was she. Fantastic. What next on this wonderful programme? Iva Zanicchi? I wouldn’t bet against it!

  11. Bernie Lazenbury on 21 July 2024

    Hi Roger, already looking forward to tonight’s show – never know what to expect but never disappointed!
    Have you played anything by The Rankin Family? Maybe I’ve missed it if you have. They do, for me, a stand out song “Fare Thee Well Love”. I think it might be worth a spin! All good wishes.

    • Roger Williams on 24 July 2024

      Hello Bernie

      Good to hear from you. I didnt think the last show was one of my best, hope you found something to like! No, I haven’t played any Rankin Family, but that is a very good idea and I’ll put it in my book for the next occasion I knock on Marriot’s door with my suggestions for the library. Hope you and Linda are well.


  12. J.Q on 20 July 2024

    Just listened to Cindy Kent and she said how much she loves to read the comments.Made me think I rarely comment and yet SR is my constant companion. You even come on holiday with me and my day can’t begin until I have heard the ‘bit of nonsense’ at 8:30 sets me up in the right mood for the day. I love all the comments and learn so much about my favourite stars and songs. On holiday when craving an English voice and music I understand well there you are 😁 My smart speaker tries to switch me to other stations…naughty! She makes out she has not understood me and says “here’s a radio station you might like”. I am training her to realise there is only one station for me SR your all amazing keep doing what you do, you are appreciated 🥰

  13. Barry Williams on 20 July 2024

    How wonderful to hear Hubert Gregg once more on the wireless on Saturday , he part of my Friday evening listening for many years.

  14. Dave “Sunny Donny “😎 on 20 July 2024

    Hi Andy,
    I like many more of your listeners on SR were so sad to hear of that great comic genius Bob Newhart. His delivery on comic situations was impeccable I lovedAll his of his sketches,The Driving Instrutor, Introducing Tobacco To Civilisation (Walter Raleigh).
    RIP Bob

  15. Martyn Bassey on 20 July 2024

    Fabulous early morning listening with Sean Usher and then Johnny Mac. Now time for the Dawn Chorus with Ed Wellman. Many thanks 👍

  16. Barbara Heathcote on 19 July 2024

    Hi Andy, thanks for the Bob Newhart phone call about tobacco. Absolutely hilarious. And the lovely voice of Vic Damone has made my night.

  17. George Hodkin on 19 July 2024

    Love the Jeff Owen programme to accompany my full english on Saturdays! Probably my favourite Serenade show!

    • Ian Hall on 19 July 2024

      A brilliant show and Jeff’s “take on the world” is very funny and extremely entertaining.

  18. David Hartley on 19 July 2024

    It’s the 21st century, an age of tech marvels. All I wanted was to listen to a radio station. I don’t wand adverts. I don’t want constant repetition. I don’t want raucous. I DO want real presenters with something intelligent to say. Shouldn’t be difficult surely? It was! But then I found Serenade Radio. Thank God for you guys. A place of serenity in an ocean of mediocrity.

  19. Dave Hilton. on 19 July 2024

    Andy, sorry to hear about Bob Newheart, great comedy. Thanks for another morning of great music.

  20. Barbara Heathcote on 18 July 2024

    Hi Andy, I know I’m being greedy , but just read that Bob Newhart has passed away. The thing I remember about him is the monologue on introducing tobacco to the world. Absolutely hilarious. If suitable for your bit of nonsense section. Bit long though. Some people might not even have heard it.

    • Steve in Worcs. on 19 July 2024

      I saw that he had passed Barbara, and was thinking of the exact same comedy bit – his timing was impeccable.

  21. Nancy, Nancy in Montana on 17 July 2024

    SR keeps me company most of the day, Steyn’s Song of the Week and On the Town programs, Johnny Mac’s A Little Night Music, and generally the programs that are the lead ins for these shows, are my very favorites. I may not ever comment again, I just want these presenters to know that they are the best in entertainment. Thank you SR.

    • Johnny Mac on 17 July 2024

      Hey Nancy. Thank you for all your comments – they are very much appreciated.

    • Mark Steyn on 18 July 2024

      Thank you, Nancy. I like the idea of our shows in the small hours being your primetime in Montana. And, like Johnny, I always appreciate your comments.

    • Karen on 20 July 2024

      I have not been looking at the comments this week … So have just been catching up a bit. I notice you have said you might not comment again… I hope you are ok. X

      • Nancy on 20 July 2024

        Thank you Karen, I’m well enough. SR seems to frown on commenters communicating with each other so I’m listening and enjoying w/o further comments. Cheers.

        • Andy Marriott on 21 July 2024

          Hi Nancy,
          It’s not that we frown upon listeners communicating. It’s just that a lot of it is discussion about the mystery year etc., which is out of date after a few hours and therefore of no interest to other listeners posting comments the following day. So we tidy up once in a while. Sorry if you feel we were picking on you.

  22. Barbara Heathcote on 16 July 2024

    Hi Andy and the Serenade Team, just sent a small donation in appreciation of your fantastic radio station. Need to keep you going. Thank you.

  23. Nicky on 16 July 2024

    I am listening in France where we are an hour ahead of UK and am cleaning the kitchen.
    What a treat to have the Blue Danube waltz…it is a piece of music which I never tire of hearing. Along with Elizabethan Serenade and Greensleeves and others. We really enjoyed the programme about David Jacobs.
    Keep up the good work and best wishes to all the presenters. Yours is the “go to” radio station.

  24. Helen on 15 July 2024

    It was a lovely treat to hear the Paul Reade Quartet – Victorian Kitchen Garden on Morning Music. Very beautiful. Thankyou.