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  1. Su R on 17 August

    Many thanks to the lovely Ed W who always kicks my weekends off with his beautiful Dawn Chorus – this weekend Ed will be kicking off my 2 weeks of annual leave so a request would be a great start and much appreciated. Thankyou for such a wonderful show Ed – keep up the good work! Best Wishes, Su

    • Ed Wellman on 17 August

      Thank you for your kind message Su and for being a Serenade dawn chorister! Spread the word, I’m just the new boy here; look at the amazing line-up of presenters. Oh, and Saturday’s Weekend Wish for you, then. Happy listening. Ed

  2. Trevor H. on 14 August

    There are moments in the day when only your channel will do. I am vintage 1951, and listen via the brilliant VRadio app, where you sit on my Favourites page. Yes, SR selections are reminiscent of the old Light prog. Best wishes and every hope for your channel prospering. I’ll make a donation too. BTW your presenters are amazing, so knowledgeable and relaxed. TH 😉

  3. Beverley on 12 August

    Having been raised in a world of light music, I am much enjoying the fabulous Serenade Radio! Music While You Work is playing as I write this. My father was Robert Docker (1918 – 1992) – pianist, composer and arranger. He recorded a number of MWYW programmes with his sextet and it would be wonderful to hear one of those on Serenade (or anything else by him – Tabarinage was a favourite in the day!). His music deserves to live on!

    • Simon McLean on 12 August

      I’m sure I have some of the recordings your father made for Reader’s Digest back in the day – I’ll see if I can dig them out and get them on Music Box. Lovely to hear from you!

  4. ian newman on 10 August

    Just made a donation of £10.00, It is simply to say thank you to Andy Marriott for being so brilliant on the radio – he has also been incredibly kind to my family over the last year and i just wanted him to know how appreciated he is. Love him to bits … but dont tell him or he really will be unbearably grumpy xxxx

    • Neil on 11 August

      I second that, huge thanks to Mr. M for all the hard work he puts into Serenade Radio – by far the best radio station around. Long may it continue.

    • james wilson on 11 August

      Followed your example Ian….never enjoyed a radio station so much. It’s a rare gem in a sea of dross.

  5. Steven In Worcs. on 6 August

    A very Happy Birthday to Cindy Kent – looking forward to your show.

  6. Mike Matthews on 2 August

    In answer to your presenters comment regarding The Seekers
    Will The Seekers Tour in 2022?
    Judith Durham, Athol Guy, Keith Potger and Bruce Woodley first came together at the tail end of 1962 for gigs and residencies around their hometown of Melbourne. How amazing to think they’ll celebrate their Diamond Anniversary in 2022!
    Unfortunately, there are no concert dates for The Seekers scheduled in 2022.
    From Mike Matthews
    Sunshine Coast Australia

    • Glenda Logan-Reid on 6 August

      Mike Matthews sad to see today that the lovely Judith Durham has just died. The Seekers were a fabulous group, and Judith Durham became a very successful solo artiste in her own right.
      RIP Judith Durham.

      • Andy Marriott, Station Manager. on 6 August

        This is just awful. I interviewed Judith twice, and saw her one-woman show at Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall.#
        She was just lovely, so talented yet so humble and fun. Very few things bring a tear to my eye but this news has.
        I think we may be hearing a lot of her songs this week on serenade!

        • Glenda Logan-Reid on 6 August

          I think we may well Andy will look forward to hearing the lovely Judith with her beautiful crystal clear voice.
          .voice. Such sad news.

  7. Mike on The Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia on 1 August

    From The Land Downunder – I found your radio station a few months ago and so enjoy your wonderful choice of music. I suppose I am just an old fashioned boy! Keep up the fantastic work.

  8. Bernie Lazenbury on 24 July

    Just wondering why Ed Wellman doesn’t get a feature on your presenter pages. It would be interesting to know a bit about his broadcasting background and how he comes to be doing his morning show.

    • Andy Marriott on 24 July

      Good point Bernie.
      Despite sounding so calm and relaxed Ed is always rushing about. I will sit him down and make him write an essay about himself!

  9. Richard on 23 July

    As usual, most enjoyable sound that “completely” makes me forget about all the chaos that surrounds us.
    Wouldn’t be redundant if said that I do particularly enjoy the ‘impeccable ‘ English spoken by the announcers. Such a pleasure!!! Thanks a million again!!!
    Best regards from Patagonia.

  10. Svend Kristensen on 21 July

    Back from holiday and back to work. But also back to Serenade Radio. Thank you for being the best in easy listening. Kind Regards from Denmark

  11. Andy Grahamme on 20 July

    Brian Savin this morning…..fabulous programme..the music is top notch and Brians presentation just so easy to listen to.

  12. Karl Kennedy on 18 July

    Have to say, David Yarnell’s afternoon programme is fast becoming my favourite Serenade show….the variety and quality of his playlists really are second to none….wonderful radio

    • David Yarnall on 24 July

      Thank you Karl for your very kind comments. They are much appreciated.

    • james wilson on 9 August

      Have to agree about David Yarnell….a supeb broadcaster and his selection of music is some of the best to be heard.

      • David Yarnall on 11 August

        James, thank you so much for your lovely comments. Makes a 72 year old broadcaster feel that after over 40 years, I might be starting to almost get it right!! Just maybe!! Much appreciated.

  13. Bernard Lazenbury on 17 July

    Just enjoying yet another early Sunday morning’s listen. Great show as usual from Ed and Steve James (discerning guy that he is!) played my favourite Love Affair song “One Road” and the best Walker Brother’s song “Love Her”. Serenade has become an increasingly bigger part of our listening lives! Thanks Andy and your excellent team.

  14. Linda Howe on 16 July

    I love Serenade Radio. There are certain programmes I regularly listen to….the weekend dawn chorus followed by Steve James programme, Andy Marriott’s evening programme and Jeff Owen on Saturday morning .
    I have just tuned in to Steve James Saturday night late night extra for the first time, and what a joy! Nirvana, early Graham Nash followed by Magna Carta. All I can say is ‘Wow! It takes me back to the days when I used to listen to John Peel. Thank you for this wonderful mix of music, I shall certainly be making sure I don’t miss this programme in the future too.

  15. Gerald, Kingston Upon Hull. on 15 July

    I’m enjoying the mix of records played on Serenade. The presenters are good and its nice to hear a voice between records, unlike some online stations. Recently other stations have obviously seen your success and strayed into your territory but I have to say that I still prefer your station. The lack of irritating commercials is a huge bonus. I also have to say that I am enjoying your choice of jingles, as used on Britain Radio, and later Radio 2. A nice touch and a welcome reminder of the good old days. Thank you.

  16. Chris on 15 July

    All this week David Yarnell has played a fantastic selection of tunes as he always does, but I’ve got to say what a brilliant find Sammy Davis Jnrs version of the Hawaii Five O theme with words is! Well done! Great station, great presenters, great music. Thanks for being there!

  17. Bernie Watts on 11 July

    What a lovely station. I had almost forgotten how much more gentle life was when I was young. It helps recall to mind many things, mum and dad now gone; old friends of childhood, many of whom have passed. The old town I once lived in, now a shadow of its former self and a country once proud and noble now falling into disrepair. The innocent games played, the respect we had for our elders, just because they were older and so much more. A life lived has taken me across an ever quickening fast paced technological world stranding me in a place and time that I no longer recognize. Thanks for the memories.

    • Andy Marriott on 24 July

      What a really moving comment. Thank you very much.

  18. Barbara Shaw on 8 July

    Just enjoyed another lovely hour of instrumental music from Simon McLean, I think this must be one of my favourite programmes on Serenade. Having said that the station has so many great shows and presenters, you are my constant companion, my radio is never tuned anywhere else. BTW it was interesting to read your new front page on how and why Serenade came about. I’d be lost without you all, please keep up the great work.

    • Simon McLean on 9 July

      Thank you, Barbara – that’s lovely to hear! Delighted to see you’re enjoying the shows

  19. Mike on 6 July

    Thank you for such a great radio station. I listen to you here in Australia every day and have posted your details to friends all over the world

  20. Clifford on 5 July

    Just recently discovered Serenade Radio. I feel like I’ve been transported back to the wonderful light programme days.

  21. Anne Wade on 4 July

    David Corbett loved your show on the 3rd of July your tribute to the 4th of July was much appreciated and enjoyed it so much👏🏻 The rendition of the American tunes were really brilliant!
    There is nothing better than a true English Band❤️ Keep playing those tunes😎 🇺🇸🇬🇧

  22. Mark Richardson on 2 July

    Just an absolute Joy . I love this station so much . Steve James is a John peel for those of us at the lighter end of the music rainbow

  23. John Moorcroft on 30 June

    Can I give a mention to the Quiet Hour presented by Jane Markham. If ever there was a voice that suited a show that gives a relaxed start to the day, hers is the one. Thank you Jane!

    • james wilson on 16 July

      Re Jane Markam…Well said John, my sentiments exactly…she is so relaxing to listen to.

  24. Fred on 29 June

    Really enjoy the great music form across the pond in USA. Keep the sounds coming.

  25. Gretta J on 23 June

    I listen with my young adult grandkids, she wishes more kids would like this music. Thank You