Ways to Listen

Laptop or PC


Laptop or PC

Click the play button on our integrated player in the top right corner of this website.

Internet Radio


Internet Radio

Any Internet radio, just search for Serenade Radio

Smart Speaker


Smart Speaker

Just ask your Smart assistant (Google /Alexa etc) to ‘play Serenade Radio’ If you are getting adverts please read the FAQ below about enabling our skill.

Mobile Phone/Tablet


Mobile Phone/Tablet

Listen through our apps, our website or one of the Radio Portals such as ‘Tune-in’

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bypass ‘Tune-In’ adverts on Alexa?

Recently Tune-in (the stream supplier for Amazon Alexa devices) has been inserting commercials in our programme.

To avoid this please enable our own system. Say "Alexa enable Serenade Radio", then "Alexa play Serenade Radio".

If it still plays the commercial go to your Amazon account online and search for Serenade Radio. Or put: "B09T9NZBFY" in the search box at the top. This will take you to our own "Skill". Click the Serenade Radio logo. When the skill opens click "Enable Skill" on the right side of the page.

Now when you say "Alexa play Serenade Radio" it will play without commercial interruptions, just as it should be!

If you encounter any problems please contact us and we'll help you to sort it out.

How do I listen on a PC?

Click the button in the box in the top right corner above, not only can you hear us live but you also see the current artist and song name, if you don't see this you are probably running an adblocker, just disable it for Serenade Radio and the text should appear.

How do I listen on a Smart Speaker?

If you have Amazon Echo/Dot/Alexa, just say 'Alexa, play Serenade Radio'

If you have Google Home, just say 'Hey, Google, play Serenade Radio'.

If you have an Apple Home Pod, just say 'Hey, Siri - play Serenade Radio'.

How do I listen on my Internet radio?

Just search our name and you should see us..

How do I listen on a Mobile Phone or Tablet?

You can listen: via our website or via a radio listening app or our own apps .

1. To listen on our website, just look at the top right of this page and click the white triangle ('play' sign) next to the song title. If you don't see a song title you are probably running an Adblocker, just disable it for this site and you will see the titles/artists.

2. Download our app for Android or IOS.

3. On one of the radio listening apps (such as Tune-In Radio), just search 'Serenade Radio'. (We are not available on all apps - for example RadioPlayer.)

How do I listen on my DAB/AM/FM radio?

We are an Internet radio station so you can't pick us up on an FM or DAB radio set.

You can hear us online in any of the ways above - and we are listed under our name there. So no frequency numbers needed!

Why can't I see the name of the artist and song title in the website player?

If you are just seeing a dark grey box with a white play arrow but no text telling you the title and artist, you are probably running an Adblocker. If you click on the icon for the Adblocker in your browser bar you will have the option to disable it for Serenade Radio, we don't run ads so you don't need it for our site. The text will then appear..