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  1. Martyn Bassey on 21 May 2024

    Great themes on The TV Show last Saturday. The Saint, No Hiding Place, Dr Who, Man About The House, New Scotland Yard, and the brilliant Public Eye are among my special favourites. Many thanks Andy.👍

  2. Helen on 21 May 2024

    It was a real treat to hear..
    The Living Strings – When You Wish Upon A Star this morning.
    I have heard a couple of versions of this beautiful song over the last couple of days on SR, it is one of my favourite all time songs and without you knowing an early Birthday gift to hear it. Thankyou Serenade Radio 😊

  3. Nancy on 20 May 2024

    So many excellent presenters and programs! Shout out to Johnny Mac (heard here in Montana on Friday evenings) and his “name the year” songs. Husband and I have a fairly good record of wins – when we don’t know the songs or singers we can pretty well figure out the year by the tunes vibe. Great craic! Cheers!

    • Johnny Mac on 20 May 2024

      Hi Nancy. Wow! I’m well chuffed ☺️ and sounds like you’re keeping a league table of your wins on the Mystery Years! Best of Irish to you both, JM

    • Martyn Bassey on 21 May 2024

      I also have great fun guessing the mystery year on the Johnny Mac show. Sometimes I get two out of three correct. Which ain’t bad, as Meatloaf once said. 😊 Fabulous show.

  4. Mary Cobb on 20 May 2024

    I tune in almost every day from way across the pond in Elk Grove, California, USA. I love the Big Bands and swing music. Keep playing the gems. Regards

  5. Maggie Brown on 20 May 2024

    It was a blessing when I found Serenade Radio. Not only do you play music to which it is worth listening, you feed my soul with countless memories. It was my privilege to visit the UK on several occasions when I learned to love not just your country and the radio stations. Must admit though, with all the beauty of you country, Yorkshire is my favourite. Keep doing a great job.

  6. Mike Vawdrey on 20 May 2024

    Vic – I’ve encountered Red Prysock a Hawkins influenced tenorman who like several others shifted to the more profitable waters of R’n’B. An immediate contemporary of John Coltrane he died in 1993 aged 67. The detail from Wikipedia but I was already aware, Remember seeing Arthur Prysock’s Basie LP in the 1960 s but in those young idealistic times I dismissed it along with such abominations as Basie’s Beatle Bag and Basie Does Bond – subject to faulty memory the latter clocked in at only 28 minutes which for me back then would have been 28 minutes too many ! We now live in more inclusive times and there’s been as you will know a total re-think on all that ‘fast buck pop jazz’ ……Of Ray Prysock I know nothing. The other two were unrelated I think. Fascinated by your Frankie Ford story BTW – was he known for Sea Cruise ? – keep on gwine as they may say in NO – best wishes – Mike Vawdrey(Crewe, Cheshire)

    • Vic Groves on 20 May 2024

      Hi Mike, thanks for listening and your reflections. Re Frankie Ford, yes Sea Cruise was his break. It was originally an instrumental by Hughie Piano Smith and the Clowns with the vocal added later by Frankie. He was a regular on the Mardi Gras bill but also worked as a lounge singer and had his own nightclub in New Orleans called Lucky Pierre’s. Whiskey Heaven was a great song of his. Thanks for getting in touch, regards Vic

      • Mike Vawdrey on 20 May 2024

        Vic – thanks for your prompt response. I’m impressed with your knowledge of NO music. Listen to you post John Hellings – as with your predecessor I just leave it on – your refreshingly wide-ranging choices often surprise me – that’s good in my book !

  7. Fraser Sutherland on 19 May 2024

    Re Steyn’s new show: well, that’s the quickest radio hour you’re ever likely to spend. Just tremendous and absorbing from the very beginning to the very end. Thank you to Mark Steyn and thank you to Serenade Radio.

    • Nancy on 19 May 2024

      Mark Steyn’ s legacy is vast. He is a raconteur extraordinaire, a talented wordsmith on an immense range of subjects. On The Town gives listeners a return to joyful entertainment.

  8. Nancy on 17 May 2024

    Love Val Doonican and I remember his show in the states in the early 1970s.

  9. Jonathan on 17 May 2024

    We really enjoyed listening to Laurel & Hardy this morning. Their clever humour has truly stood the test of time. If you are able to do some more, we are all ears!

  10. Dave Cole on 16 May 2024

    Thanks for Terry Scott and his ‘My brother’! For a few minutes it was like I was back listening to the much missed ‘Stupot’ Ed Stewart.

    • Wendy on 16 May 2024

      Made me laugh as i was on the coach travelling to see ‘my bruvver’ … Who was just as the song describes when we were kids. I used to think it was about him.

  11. Nancy on 15 May 2024

    In the 1980s Mel Torme and George Shearing teamed up for some terrific concerts and I got to enjoy them several times at the Paul Masson Winery in California. So happy Mel’s the album of the week!

  12. Karen on 14 May 2024

    Before I say this I have to admit I am not a huge fan of Mel Torme as his voice does not really do it for me. And I dont, of course, expect to like every track I hear on SR as we all have different tastes. But I am finding this album of the week and the songs we have heard so far quite bizarre and just cant connect with it. I mean to a ‘girl’ with a cockney family “ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts” sounded just wrong and “London pride” too . Quite a lot of the albums of the week I have actually bought when the week was over, but this one is not for me. ( I hope I havent upset the Mel Torme fans too much)

    • Suzy on 14 May 2024

      I found it quite amusing to remember how the Americans used to be quite fond of us quirky Brits and our odd sense of humour with songs like ‘Coconuts’, which is likely why it was chosen for that album ‘Meets the British’. It was an affectionate glimpse, I’m sure, but agree it just doesn’t work sung by a Yank!

    • Neil on 15 May 2024

      Interestingly, the song is partially credited to Lewis Ilda (a pseudonym of American songwriter Irwin Dash). In 1950, I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts was a top-ten hit in the United States for Freddy Martin And His Orchestra with vocalist Merv Griffin and sold over three million copies. The following year, it was a number-25 hit for Danny Kaye. The song also appeared in Judy Garland’s last film, I Could Go On Singing (1963). I think the Dixieland treatment works well for the song – but each to his own.

      • Karen on 15 May 2024

        I have the merv griffin/ freddy martin version. It is sung with an English accent even though i was popular in America. I like that version too . As you say… Each to his own .

  13. Helen on 14 May 2024

    It was wonderful to hear Bobby Darin sing this morning (as always ) especially as today would have been his Birthday.
    Also Ron Goodwin And His Orchestra – 633 Squadron. Absolutely superb!
    Thankyou Serenade Radio, you truly do play the very best in Easy Listening.

  14. Karen on 13 May 2024

    The day started very badly as i came to work without my glasses . So i cant actually see the screen of my computer unless I’m 2 inches away from it and squinting and i was getting very annoyed. However , you can always trust Dick Fisher to make things feel better. … And we are only 20 mins in. Thank you Dick.

  15. Suzy on 13 May 2024

    Ahhh, ‘Surrey with a Fridge on Top’. Thank you, Andy. My funny, beloved, old dad sang just like Gordon MacCrae (only even better, of course). I was bought up on a diet of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s 1950s musicals and know all the words. They mean so much to me. I’d sing the Soliloquy to Carousel right through with dad in the car going places, leaving him to do the dramatic high-note ending. Another favourite (non-R&H) is Music Man, Robert Preston was superb. I can play all of them myself, but it’s so much better hearing them on Serenade and knowing you are sharing the same memories with your family of appreciative listeners. x

  16. Geoff Jones on 12 May 2024

    So so much better than the Eurovision song contest! Thanks Roger for a brilliant 2 hours of excellent music.

  17. Vic Groves on 12 May 2024

    Hi Jane,
    Re vocalist on Sid Lawrence’s Yes My Darling Daughter…..Miranda Wilford.

  18. Nancy on 12 May 2024

    When I was quite young in the early 1960s my sibs and I would watch a daily movie program called Million Dollar Movie. The fare was generally cheesy B and horror films. The program music theme was GWTW which we’d never seen (or heard) but the tune worked so well to the words “The Crawling Eye” that we sang that at the start of the show and for the longest time I thought that was the song’s title. When I was 15 my mother took me to a revival of GWTW and I about choked on my Milk Dud as the music started and I realized I needed Mark Steyn to hurry up and grow up and educate me on all things musical.🤣

  19. Mary Williams on 11 May 2024

    Oh blow just realised I’ve missed Andy Marriotts TV show programme at 6.00 p.m. will it be repeated as I really enjoyed last weeks.

    • Andy Marriott on 11 May 2024

      Oh no! Sorry to hear that Mary, and I played your request of The Protectors theme (Avenues and Alleyways).
      I’m afraid the TV show doesn’t get a repeat, I’ll see if I can fit the Protectors in again in two or three weeks.
      All the best.

      • Mary Williams on 12 May 2024

        Thank you Andy, it’s always the way, sorry I missed it and my request hopefully as you say you will include it again. I once requested a song on Children’s Favourites years ago and missed that too!

  20. Maggie Brown on 11 May 2024

    I am so thrilled to have found Serenade Radio. It brings a sense of peace and of better times. One main fact which makes it so wonderful is the music from those former years is understandable. My Alexa Echo device plays Serenade Radio for days at a time. Thanks for music that is spot on, no matter our mood. Keep up the good work.

  21. Vanessa-Ann Dowsett on 11 May 2024

    Mark Steyn ‘s programme this Saturday is a repeat of last Saturday’s show, is this the format for this series?

    • Andy Marriott on 11 May 2024

      Apologies, a last minute technical problem scuppered this week’s “On The Town”, the correct programme will be broadcast tomorrow morning, and programme three will be next Saturday. I promise.

  22. Nancy on 10 May 2024

    I had the good fortune to see Victor Borge twice in concert. “Inflationary Language” and “Punctuation” are two of his many, many funny bits.
    When you realize that this incredibly gifted comedian and musician had to learn English after fleeing Denmark ahead of Hitler’s death squads you can even better appreciate the genius of his language skills and manipulations.
    Thank you Andy for reminding me of Mr. Borge’s enormous contribution to entertainment!

  23. Alan Jowett on 10 May 2024

    New Voices is a very good original series. Once again Serenade Radio shows up the inadequacy of the BBC in not only failing on its biggest radio channel to adequately respect the popular musical heritage that the Light Programme and the early Radio 2 stood for but also neglect new voices. Instead Radio 2 and BBC2 is spending zillions on Eurovision 24 this week on sending a gormless “singer” plus a team of commentators and news reporters and showbiz presenters to interview him about the alleged “song” he will be performing. Dumbing down at its daftest. Just my opinion.

    • John Walton on 11 May 2024

      Very pleased to hear you’re appreciating ‘New Voices’, Alan. Working for Serenade Radio, it sometimes feels a little strange to be showcasing the work of singers presenting the music we enjoy in spite of still being alive and well!