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Serenade Radio

The Best In Easy Listening

In our fast-paced modern world it’s important to have an escape. Serenade Radio is just that.

Sometimes, it’s an escape into the past with a wealth of great songs written at a time when quality was paramount. At other times, we long for the gentler, more carefree world of our childhood. Often, all it takes is a good song well sung, to refresh the soul.

This on-line radio station was born out of a real appetite to hear those great songs from that golden era of song writing. Not just the occasional treat, buried in a sea of pop mediocrity, but all day every day.

From Frank Sinatra to The Carpenters; Bing Crosby to Bread; Ella Fitzgerald to Michael Buble. You get the idea.

On Serenade Radio, our music is timeless. Enjoy the finest melodies, written by the world’s most gifted composers, performed by the greats.

Tune in to Serenade Radio, for the best in easy listening.

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