We need your help!

October appeal!

This month, we are pushing for your support to help us pay the bills for the year ahead. Please donate what you can afford. Thanks!



Serenade Radio is  the result of the passion of a handful of experienced radio presenters who give their time free to create something very special.

Serenade Radio duly pays for music copyright - as we believe it is right to reward such great composers, performers and their estates. That costs money - as do many of the technical aspects of ensuring  the programmes get to you safely and sound as good as they can.

As we carry no advertising , we rely on your donations. The odd tenner will help us to keep bringing you the unique blend of easy listening and nostalgia.

Your donation today -  no matter how small (or large!) - will make a difference and be very gratefully received.   Thank You.

Serenade Radio 2020                Serenade Radio is operated by volunteers and funded on donations