Serenade Radio times

12.0 AM

Music Box

with SIMON McLEAN. An hour of mostly instrumental music.


The Late Show



A Little Night Music

JOHNNY ‘MAC’ McATASNEY will be on hand, for the late night  revellers and party animals. In other words, all the usual shenanigans – and the best in easy listening music – to soothe your aching heads.



ED WELLMAN‘s here as you wake up, or power down (if you’re a night owl) with gentle choral music, relaxing classics, and some vocal harmony. 


Steve James

An evocative mix of music inspired by the late-1960s heyday of Breakfast Special, which blended the likes of Tony Hatch and Sergio Mendes with the more melodic pop hits of the day. Watch out for plastic spacemen in your cornflakes!


Great Oldies

music from the ’60s and ’70s.  Join JEFF OWEN  for his Super, Soaraway, Sensational Saturday Show.


Stuart Linnell

Hear what Stuart refers to as ‘great singers and great songs’. With memorable melodies and carefully crafted lyrics, it adds up to music that should never be forgotten.


Weekend Company

with CINDY KENT With the day’s chores just a memory, Cindy entertains.


Andy Marriott’s Television Show

A two hour special featuring nostalgia from the telly. All those great tv themes that bring back so many memories.
Fancy a request? Send Andy an email via our Contact Us page.


Home of the Stars

Your company is always welcome at the ‘Home of the Stars’ in Palm Springs, California with your host, KEVIN TAYLOR. Enjoy a musical journey through the pages of the Great American Songbook and listen for the stories behind the songs, singers, and composers.

10.0 – 12.30

Roger Williams

I do hope you’ll join me for a quiet night in on New Year’s Eve. As you’d expect there’ll be the best in easy listening and along the way I’ll be exploring a diary I kept as a teenager in 1963 – which of course isn’t embarrassing at all! I shall have a bottle of port and some mince pies to hand so we can make merry together. I’ll be with you at 10.00 o’clock sharp and plan to carry on until the fireworks finish and we can all snuggle under the duvet together. I’m really looking forward to your company!