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  1. Andy C on 4 December

    Hi – as a new lstener to Serenade I’d like to say how much I’m enjoying the Soft Folkus programme on Fridays – like listening again to my parents record collection when I was growing up, with some similar more recent tracks as well. Nice to hear Serenade covering genres that other stations mostly ignore.

    • Roger Williams on 4 December

      Hello Andy, thank you for your kind comments. I’m really enjoying presenting Soft Folkus – I’m revisiting my own record collection from the 60s and trawling my memory banks for forgotten gems and newer material that carries on the tradition. Thank you for being there!

  2. Roger Cairns on 4 December

    Hi Andy,
    “DJ Russell Davies says BBC snubbing older listeners after show was dropped” – This was the 4th August, 2013 headline in the Telegraph. Any possibility of getting Russell on Serenade? As I’m sure you’re aware, he’s a wonderful DJ. Still listening and loving the music!!!

  3. Sandra, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 27 November

    I am a very big fan of Serenade Radio, and listen nearly every waking moment. However, I disagree with the opinion of the ‘sexy voice’, and cannot bear Eartha Kitt’s irritating rendition of, ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’. It causes me to turn the station off. The Frank Sinatra rendition is far more appealing. Thank you [all] for the amount of dedication and effort put into Serenade Radio, and the wide variety of artists, hosts, and music. Serenade Radio is a gem, and a respite for weary souls. Thank you

  4. Brian Reynolds on 26 November

    I think that it is time that a few words of praise should be showered upon David Corbett, whose “Light Programme” makes two hours pass all too quickly every Sunday evening. He’s coming up for his 300th show very soon – and I don’t think I’ve missed one of them! Light music has gone from being the most broadcast genre of music (back in the fifties) to being almost forgotten in the 21st century – a great shame as it includes thousands of good tunes which most people will never hear again (unless they listen to Serenade Radio, of course – who also provide vintage recordings of “Music While You Work” (every weekday) and “Those Were The Days” (Thursdays). David Corbett is a leading authority on the genre and carefully selects a programme each week which includes a mixture of the most famous compositions mixed with a few less familiar items. Although mostly on records, there are a few vintage radio excerpts for contrast, some featuring orchestras which were household names to radio listeners at the time, but rarely made commercial records. The famous Robert Farnon once said “The best light music is as good as the best classical music!”. He is also quoted as saying something like “Light music is not dead, broadcasters are burying it alive!”
    Long may David Corbett and the “Light Programme” keep the wonderful world of light music alive!
    (7.00 pm. Sundays)

  5. Hazel on 23 November

    Just recently discovered Serenade radio & it’s a breath of fresh air, it reminds me of listening to the Light Programme with my late parents when I lived at home back in the 60s and 70s. I’m now an avid Serenade listener as I do enjoy easy listening light music. BBC Radio 2 is a big no no now it’s too shouty shouting and the music is awful.
    I’m only 70 years old but find myself preferring more easy listening music for my main listening, especially on an evening when I’m relaxing. Hope one day Serenade will go on DAB+ Nationwide so people who haven’t got the Internet can hear it. I listen on my phone and play it via Bluetooth on my Radio/ Bluetooth player, an i-box Crystal that can be found on Amazon, beautiful sound quality!
    Keep up the good work the music & the station…much prefer Serenade to other stations these days! I’m glad you don’t have any adverts and sky news every half hour.

  6. Mark Richardson on 22 November

    Serenade continues to create wonderful programmes with a style , sound and playlist that no one else provides. I remain in admiration of the Steve James weekend shows for the music he seems to find and the perfect start to weekend days it provides

    • Steve James on 26 November

      Thank you Mark, I’m so glad you enjoy the music selection. I do love finding overlooked 60’s singles and LP tracks. Fifty-plus years on it’s remarkable just how much there is still to discover!

  7. Andrea on 20 November

    Your station is the best! I listen all weekend every weekend and most weeknights too. The world stresses me out and you folks de-stress me with all the best music. Thanks for such great work. I wish I could donate to support you but I have 2 parents in care homes that I have to fund completely. When I am able to your station will get a monthly donation from me I promise.

  8. Shaw Richard on 18 November

    Just found you and enjoyed the lovely music. Evoking memories I found it so beautiful I just hope I can find it again tomorrow. Thank you.

  9. Martin Petersen on 18 November

    I found your radio programme by coincidence: I had to sneeze spontaneously while asking my Alexa device to play Classic FM. She misheard me and gave me the best in easy listening. Years later, I am still listening to your wonderful programme! Best accident I ever had.

  10. Anne Wade on 15 November

    Hi Stuart Bravo for your show on Saturday just love some of the old songs that you don’t get to hear during the week 👏🏻 My Husband and I listen every Saturday Evening while having dinner in the USA and it brings us so much pleasure ❤️❤️ thanks so much 👏🏻😎❤️

    • Stuart Linnell on 19 November

      Anne, thank you so much for your message. It means a lot to know that you like the programme and, as you say, songs that you might not get to hear otherwise. Thank you for listening, and do enjoy your Saturday evening dinner.

  11. Michael Simpson on 14 November

    Just wanted to say hi and thank you to David Yarnall. David and I have known each other for many years and now I live in France it’s nice to spend afternoons listening to David and his great selections of music.
    Long may it all continue.

    • David Yarnall on 29 November

      Thanks Mike and yes, we go back a long time!! I’m glad you’re still listening to Serenade Radio but of course I do envy your weather.

  12. Glenda Logan-Reid on 12 November

    Just wanted to congratulate Jeff Owen on such an entertaining show this morning. Great music love his chatter too.
    Also a special mention for Stuart Linnell on a truly great show the best of the 50’s 60’s and 70’s music. His 30 minute tribute to the fallen in the two World Wars and others was so respectful and tasteful. Thank you for some wonderful music. Lots of my favourites included today, Joan Regan, Malcolm Vaughan and the other Malcolm – Roberts.

    • Stuart Linnell on 12 November

      Glenda, thank you for your kind words. It’s always a great pleasure to put the show together every week, and compiling the music for Remembrance Weekend is important to me. My Dad and his Dad both served in the army, my Granddad at Passchendaele in the First World War, so it means a lot. It’s always nice to hear that a listener enjoys the music and I am grateful that you took the time to send the message.

  13. Tony on 6 November

    Absolutely love the Saturday morning show, always look forward to it, brings back lots of memories, thank you.

  14. Dominic Ranger on 5 November

    Loved the Roger Williams Soft Folkus programme, particularly the 60s folk stuff, loads of memories

    • Roger Williams on 4 December

      Dominic, thank you for your kind comments. The boss has only just alerted me to your message. Delighted your enjoying the show. Please keep listening and let me know what else you’d like to hear.

  15. Glenda Logan-Reid on 2 November

    Message for Jane Markham
    Hi Jane
    Thank you so much for your very enjoyable ‘Quiet Hour’ programmes.
    Tonight’s programme was great,. I do love Malcolm Roberts and
    Malcolm Vaughan it’s refreshing to hear some British singers who could really sing (as against croon!) could we hear more from Joan Regan, David Whitfield, Ronnie Hilton, Dickie Valentine, Kaye Sisters, It’s good to remember them all. All so popular in the 50’s.
    You do a great job Jane.
    Thank you
    Glenda (Hampshire)

  16. Hazel Wykes on 29 October

    What a wonderful radio station Serenade is, I’m 70 years old and I’ve grown a bit fed up of the 60s and 70s pop music on other stations. It’s OK in small doses but I personally prefer more easy listening and light music like what used to be played on the old Light Programme. I’ve recently discovered Serenade radio and I love it, I hope it will soon go out on DAB+ nationwide. Even though I grew up with sixties pop music I don’t want it everyday and all day, so I listen to more Serenade, its good to have a station catering for older listeners

  17. Fraser Sutherland on 29 October

    Today I came to ‘Serenade Radio’ for the first time ( via Mark Steyn’s ‘Song of the Week’). I notice how much more closely I listen to the songs on this station As a result, I think so much more about them. Thanks for this pleasure.

  18. Neil on 24 October

    Steyn’s Song of the Week goes from strength to strength. Another great edition this week and a lovely tribute to the great Alan Dell, one of our greatest broadcasters. Nice one Mark.

    • Mark Steyn on 25 October

      Thank you, Neil. Alan was such a lovely man and so good at what he did. Horrible to think that today’s Radio 2 would have no use for him.

  19. Tony Holden on 23 October

    Just listened to a superb 100th edition of the Big Band Show .
    Wonderful sounds from start to finish the hour was up far too soon, next Sunday can’t come quick enough.

    • Johnny Beerling on 24 October

      Thank you Tony for your kind comments about my 100th programme, I’m so glad you enjoyed the music I chose it was selected from the best of the last two years. I will try to maintain the standard

  20. Mark Whitehead on 21 October

    What a breath of fresh air! So glad to listen to yesteryear, so calming in a world of unsophisticated noise.

  21. Phil on 21 October

    Just wanted to say what a cracking programme ‘Soft Folkus’ is. Once again Serenade Radio showing BBC Radio 2 how it should be done!

  22. Lorraine Bullock on 18 October

    Just heard David Yarnell saying he wants to find someone to repair his instrument. Cant remember the name of it sorry. Why doesn’t he try The Repair Shop. They repair anything. Just a thought.

    • David Yarnall on 29 November

      Hi Lorraine. Sorry for my tardy reply but we have been moving house and settling in! It’s a De Armond tone and volume pedal that I’d like repaired and as you heard me say I can’t find anyone to do it!! I did think about The Repair Shop but I think maybe the time involved to take part etc might be a non starter. But thank you for the suggestion.

  23. Steve M on 10 October

    Good morning Andy and all,

    Yes it was “Beyond Our Ken” for Jill Day, your memory is spot on, as usual. There was another singer – Pat Lancaster, who appears on vols 1 &2 of the series CDs.

    I’m missing the TV theme show already, really did bring back the memories. Only 3 channels, but so much good stuff! You did say you will be doing a special around Christmas time, but are there plans for another series at some point?

    Fun fact: the internet was invented for Serenade Radio. 😁 Love all of the shows – thank you all for your devotion to great radio.

  24. David Small on 8 October

    Thank you to David Corbett for his lovely music on The Light Programme I never miss this programme. It brings back so many memories of the old BBC Light Programme that I listened to growing up. I do enjoy the music of Ernest Tomlinson very much so Thank you David Corbet t

  25. Andrew T on 7 October

    Hello from across the pond in the Midwest in a state called Illinois. Just wanted to let you know I love the music. I am a big fan of the older music. It is so much better than today’s music on the radio. Anyway take care.

  26. Neil on 5 October

    Great to see a new series of Song of the Week back on Sunday afternoons and what a great opener. Welcome back Mark – looking forward to more great episodes.

  27. Jim Johnson on 1 October

    ‘The Dawn Chorus’ (thank you Ed, makes me happy and feel young-er- again), Music While You Work and
    Sing Something Simple. What more could I wish for? Thanks everyone.

    • Ed Wellman on 15 October

      Thank you, Jim for being with the Dawn Chorus; 6am at the weekends is a good time to be happy and away from emails and news etc! Just us and a box of wonderful music as the sun comes up. Let’s hang onto Autumn! Happy October to our Dawn Choristers. Thanks for being there. Ed

  28. Guy Barry on 28 September

    Is it forbidden to mention Rambling Syd Rumpo or Round the Horne on Serenade Radio? Every time you play one of his songs in the “bit of nonsense” slot, it’s simply credited to Kenneth Williams. Is this a BBC copyright issue?

    • Andy Marriott on 29 September

      Hi Guy,
      No, not at all. These clips are taken from a comedy compilation, not directly from the BBC shows, and they are just Kenneth Williams, not the full show cast.

      • Guy Barry on 29 September

        OK, thanks. I suppose it was the name of the character “Rambling Syd Rumpo” that I was curious about – you never mention it, so I thought it might be the copyright of the BBC.

  29. Sandra on 25 September

    To all at Serenade radio. I want to thank you for the very enjoyable programme I’ve been listening to this afternoon, ‘Sing something simple’. In a stressful world I find Serenade radio an oasis of tranquility and familiarity. I’m 67 but the songs are familiar to me because you’re playing some of my parents’ favourites. My father passed away in 2014 but although he came to England on the Kinder Transport as an Jewish Austrian refugee, he really had such a strong feeling for the UK as his home. He always loved to see the reassuring White Cliffs of Dover and when he met my mother soon after coming out of the army (at Butlins) they shared many happy years together and had a collection of the songs you play that remind me of my happy childhood years. I enjoy all the programmes. The one I’m listening to now is equally enjoyable. Thank you so much.

  30. David Bownes on 25 September

    Another wonderful two hours from Peter Tomlinson, really like all the interesting facts anbout the composers and the origins of the songs
    A couple of omissions , if possible that could be included Morgana King and Barbara Cook , two singers who would fit perfectly into Serenade Radios playlists
    Thanks for a wonderful relaxing Sunday

  31. David Small on 17 September

    Thank you all at Serenade Radio over this past week for all the lovely programmes who have brought to us in this very sad time after loosing our wonderful Queen Elizabeth 2nd she will be so missed and my thoughts are with all the Royal family at this very sad time. Thank you Serenade radio for suspending normal programmes just after the Queens death and for playing all the lovely music reflecting this very sad time. Well done to you all. I love Serenade Radio and its always playing on my smart speakers and devices .

  32. Andy G on 17 September

    Fabulous programmes today from Steve, Jeff and Stuart. Just fantastic music and quality presentation. Just languishing at home not too well at present, but your station always lifts my spirit.

  33. Marilyn Goreham on 16 September

    I do agree with Glenda about English singers from 50s.Any chance of a English spot say 30-60mins in anyones show?It would be great to hear the likes of Whitfield ,Hilton, Shelton ,Regan etc .
    Is Ivor Novello too old-fashioned?

    • Glenda Logan-Reid on 17 September

      I think we’re showing our age now Marilyn. but who cares!!
      I love the idea of a programme about the British Hit Parade let’s hope Andy can get it on track in the near future.
      I personally love the music of Ivor Novello but maybe that belongs in one of their other programmes?

  34. Glenda Logan-Reid on 14 September

    Message for Brian Savin
    I heard your comment today when you played a Jeanette McDonald Nelson Eddy track. Personally I love the fact that you and sometimes others play such tracks reminding us of singers who were part of our musical history. I fail to understand why Presenters should be hesitant to play a lovely ballad beautifully sung. OK so maybe you have a few complaints, but there must be many others like myself who were teenagers in the mid 50’s who love to hear our British superstars again people like David Whitfield, Dickie Valentine, Ronnie Hilton,
    Joan Regan, Alma Cogan, Ruby Murray who do get occasional plays some hardly ever!! They all had very successful careers here despite competition from their American counterparts. The people who complain when their music is played are obviously not from the same generation please give them the airtime they deserve, variety is the spice of life.
    Thank you so much for some great programmes. As it’s September it would be lovely to hear My September Love!

  35. Brian Bunn on 9 September

    Nice tribute to our late Queen by Serenade Radio since yesterday evening, by playing gentle instrumentals for reflection. Well done 👍

  36. Paul - Rye, East Sussex on 9 September

    Thank you to all at Serenade for showing such dignity and respect in your scheduling.

    Rest in peace Your Majesty.

  37. Neil on 9 September

    I mourn the loss of our Queen, Elizabeth II. I imagine for most of your listeners, she has been a constant throughout their lives. As my Queen, most of mine. I’m devastated,

  38. Karel Pieter Buijse on 8 September

    My condolences to all the presenters and listeners of Serenade Radio. H.M. Queen Elisabeth was a Queen for everyone, also outside the UK. Here in the Netherlands we feel the same as you. In our hearts she lives on…

  39. Ken in San Diego on 8 September

    I am thinking of my radio friends at Serenade who are such familiar voices in my home in the United States every day. As an American, I can’t entirely know how profoundly you must all be affected. Queen Elizabeth’s reign spanned almost my entire lifetime. The dignity with which you are handling this sad and historic event is a tribute to the grace and character of Serenade Radio.

  40. Sandra on 8 September

    My sincerest condolences to all of you, on the passing of your monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul and the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen
    May God comfort the bereaved.
    From Fort Lauderdale, FL. USA

  41. james wilson on 4 September

    Never fail to be impressed by Kevin Taylor. Not only does he have a great selection of music, his presentation is so professional….thanks Kevin you finish off both Saturdays and Sundays terrific music on Serenade

  42. Mike Matthews on 4 September

    Australia Sunday morning – What a treat to just hear Joyce Grenfell – Nursery School, such a talented lady more please!

  43. Roger Smets on 28 August

    I’m listening from Belgium and discovered Serenade Radio about a year ago. Although I only listen on Sundays I thoroughly enjoy the music played, especially “Sing something simple” and “Steyn’s song of the week”. Most radio stations seem to think popular music was invented in the 1950′ and never play those wonderful songs from the twenties, thirties and forties. As I said I only listen sporadically so I may be wrong but I never hear Jeri Southern, Lee Wiley and other less well known singers from the forties and fifties.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Mark Steyn on 28 August

      We play a little Lee Wiley on “Song of the Week” every now and again, Roger. She is a peerless interpreter who can freshen up the most familiar songs.

  44. Karen Corfield on 25 August

    What a lovely radio station this is . Perfect to listen to while I am at work. I am 58 and so some of the songs are a bit before my time. But good music is good music it doesn’t matter what era it comes from . Thank you for this little gem. I will be back.

  45. Steve S. on 25 August

    1st time listener today. My brother tipped me off as he follows Stuart Linnell on twitter. I got big into Matt Monro 6 years ago, and have collected virtually all of his UK releases, including some of his early BBC Radio appearances which I have on Transcription discs. Last year I bought a job lot of 2500 singles from the 50s/60s which has taken a year to listen to. A child of the 60s it has taken me 55 years to find my musical ‘home’, and as I’m still working from home post pandemic you can be the backdrop to my day, all day, every day.

  46. Richard G on 21 August

    I’m glad I’ve found John Hellings again – Sunday nights wouldn’t be the same without his erudition and taste in jazz.

  47. Su R on 17 August

    Many thanks to the lovely Ed W who always kicks my weekends off with his beautiful Dawn Chorus – this weekend Ed will be kicking off my 2 weeks of annual leave so a request would be a great start and much appreciated. Thankyou for such a wonderful show Ed – keep up the good work! Best Wishes, Su

    • Ed Wellman on 17 August

      Thank you for your kind message Su and for being a Serenade dawn chorister! Spread the word, I’m just the new boy here; look at the amazing line-up of presenters. Oh, and Saturday’s Weekend Wish for you, then. Happy listening. Ed

  48. Trevor H. on 14 August

    There are moments in the day when only your channel will do. I am vintage 1951, and listen via the brilliant VRadio app, where you sit on my Favourites page. Yes, SR selections are reminiscent of the old Light prog. Best wishes and every hope for your channel prospering. I’ll make a donation too. BTW your presenters are amazing, so knowledgeable and relaxed. TH 😉

  49. Beverley on 12 August

    Having been raised in a world of light music, I am much enjoying the fabulous Serenade Radio! Music While You Work is playing as I write this. My father was Robert Docker (1918 – 1992) – pianist, composer and arranger. He recorded a number of MWYW programmes with his sextet and it would be wonderful to hear one of those on Serenade (or anything else by him – Tabarinage was a favourite in the day!). His music deserves to live on!

    • Simon McLean on 12 August

      I’m sure I have some of the recordings your father made for Reader’s Digest back in the day – I’ll see if I can dig them out and get them on Music Box. Lovely to hear from you!

    • Glenda Logan-Reid on 16 September

      Beverley I remember your Dad Robert Docker very well on BBC Radio
      programmes before ‘our kind of music’ was abandoned for ever and Radio 2 became the same as Radio 1. Hopefully Serenade can find some Music While You Work programmes in memory of your very accomplished Dad.

  50. ian newman on 10 August

    Just made a donation of £10.00, It is simply to say thank you to Andy Marriott for being so brilliant on the radio – he has also been incredibly kind to my family over the last year and i just wanted him to know how appreciated he is. Love him to bits … but dont tell him or he really will be unbearably grumpy xxxx

    • Neil on 11 August

      I second that, huge thanks to Mr. M for all the hard work he puts into Serenade Radio – by far the best radio station around. Long may it continue.

    • james wilson on 11 August

      Followed your example Ian….never enjoyed a radio station so much. It’s a rare gem in a sea of dross.

  51. Steven In Worcs. on 6 August

    A very Happy Birthday to Cindy Kent – looking forward to your show.

  52. Mike Matthews on 2 August

    In answer to your presenters comment regarding The Seekers
    Will The Seekers Tour in 2022?
    Judith Durham, Athol Guy, Keith Potger and Bruce Woodley first came together at the tail end of 1962 for gigs and residencies around their hometown of Melbourne. How amazing to think they’ll celebrate their Diamond Anniversary in 2022!
    Unfortunately, there are no concert dates for The Seekers scheduled in 2022.
    From Mike Matthews
    Sunshine Coast Australia

    • Glenda Logan-Reid on 6 August

      Mike Matthews sad to see today that the lovely Judith Durham has just died. The Seekers were a fabulous group, and Judith Durham became a very successful solo artiste in her own right.
      RIP Judith Durham.

      • Andy Marriott, Station Manager. on 6 August

        This is just awful. I interviewed Judith twice, and saw her one-woman show at Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall.#
        She was just lovely, so talented yet so humble and fun. Very few things bring a tear to my eye but this news has.
        I think we may be hearing a lot of her songs this week on serenade!

        • Glenda Logan-Reid on 6 August

          I think we may well Andy will look forward to hearing the lovely Judith with her beautiful crystal clear voice.
          .voice. Such sad news.

  53. Mike on The Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia on 1 August

    From The Land Downunder – I found your radio station a few months ago and so enjoy your wonderful choice of music. I suppose I am just an old fashioned boy! Keep up the fantastic work.

  54. Bernie Lazenbury on 24 July

    Just wondering why Ed Wellman doesn’t get a feature on your presenter pages. It would be interesting to know a bit about his broadcasting background and how he comes to be doing his morning show.

    • Andy Marriott on 24 July

      Good point Bernie.
      Despite sounding so calm and relaxed Ed is always rushing about. I will sit him down and make him write an essay about himself!

  55. Richard on 23 July

    As usual, most enjoyable sound that “completely” makes me forget about all the chaos that surrounds us.
    Wouldn’t be redundant if said that I do particularly enjoy the ‘impeccable ‘ English spoken by the announcers. Such a pleasure!!! Thanks a million again!!!
    Best regards from Patagonia.

  56. Svend Kristensen on 21 July

    Back from holiday and back to work. But also back to Serenade Radio. Thank you for being the best in easy listening. Kind Regards from Denmark

  57. Andy Grahamme on 20 July

    Brian Savin this morning…..fabulous programme..the music is top notch and Brians presentation just so easy to listen to.

  58. Karl Kennedy on 18 July

    Have to say, David Yarnell’s afternoon programme is fast becoming my favourite Serenade show….the variety and quality of his playlists really are second to none….wonderful radio

    • David Yarnall on 24 July

      Thank you Karl for your very kind comments. They are much appreciated.

    • james wilson on 9 August

      Have to agree about David Yarnell….a supeb broadcaster and his selection of music is some of the best to be heard.

      • David Yarnall on 11 August

        James, thank you so much for your lovely comments. Makes a 72 year old broadcaster feel that after over 40 years, I might be starting to almost get it right!! Just maybe!! Much appreciated.

  59. Bernard Lazenbury on 17 July

    Just enjoying yet another early Sunday morning’s listen. Great show as usual from Ed and Steve James (discerning guy that he is!) played my favourite Love Affair song “One Road” and the best Walker Brother’s song “Love Her”. Serenade has become an increasingly bigger part of our listening lives! Thanks Andy and your excellent team.

  60. Linda Howe on 16 July

    I love Serenade Radio. There are certain programmes I regularly listen to….the weekend dawn chorus followed by Steve James programme, Andy Marriott’s evening programme and Jeff Owen on Saturday morning .
    I have just tuned in to Steve James Saturday night late night extra for the first time, and what a joy! Nirvana, early Graham Nash followed by Magna Carta. All I can say is ‘Wow! It takes me back to the days when I used to listen to John Peel. Thank you for this wonderful mix of music, I shall certainly be making sure I don’t miss this programme in the future too.

  61. Gerald, Kingston Upon Hull. on 15 July

    I’m enjoying the mix of records played on Serenade. The presenters are good and its nice to hear a voice between records, unlike some online stations. Recently other stations have obviously seen your success and strayed into your territory but I have to say that I still prefer your station. The lack of irritating commercials is a huge bonus. I also have to say that I am enjoying your choice of jingles, as used on Britain Radio, and later Radio 2. A nice touch and a welcome reminder of the good old days. Thank you.

  62. Chris on 15 July

    All this week David Yarnell has played a fantastic selection of tunes as he always does, but I’ve got to say what a brilliant find Sammy Davis Jnrs version of the Hawaii Five O theme with words is! Well done! Great station, great presenters, great music. Thanks for being there!

  63. Bernie Watts on 11 July

    What a lovely station. I had almost forgotten how much more gentle life was when I was young. It helps recall to mind many things, mum and dad now gone; old friends of childhood, many of whom have passed. The old town I once lived in, now a shadow of its former self and a country once proud and noble now falling into disrepair. The innocent games played, the respect we had for our elders, just because they were older and so much more. A life lived has taken me across an ever quickening fast paced technological world stranding me in a place and time that I no longer recognize. Thanks for the memories.

    • Andy Marriott on 24 July

      What a really moving comment. Thank you very much.

  64. Barbara Shaw on 8 July

    Just enjoyed another lovely hour of instrumental music from Simon McLean, I think this must be one of my favourite programmes on Serenade. Having said that the station has so many great shows and presenters, you are my constant companion, my radio is never tuned anywhere else. BTW it was interesting to read your new front page on how and why Serenade came about. I’d be lost without you all, please keep up the great work.

    • Simon McLean on 9 July

      Thank you, Barbara – that’s lovely to hear! Delighted to see you’re enjoying the shows

  65. Mike on 6 July

    Thank you for such a great radio station. I listen to you here in Australia every day and have posted your details to friends all over the world

  66. Clifford on 5 July

    Just recently discovered Serenade Radio. I feel like I’ve been transported back to the wonderful light programme days.

  67. Anne Wade on 4 July

    David Corbett loved your show on the 3rd of July your tribute to the 4th of July was much appreciated and enjoyed it so much👏🏻 The rendition of the American tunes were really brilliant!
    There is nothing better than a true English Band❤️ Keep playing those tunes😎 🇺🇸🇬🇧

  68. Mark Richardson on 2 July

    Just an absolute Joy . I love this station so much . Steve James is a John peel for those of us at the lighter end of the music rainbow

  69. John Moorcroft on 30 June

    Can I give a mention to the Quiet Hour presented by Jane Markham. If ever there was a voice that suited a show that gives a relaxed start to the day, hers is the one. Thank you Jane!

    • james wilson on 16 July

      Re Jane Markam…Well said John, my sentiments exactly…she is so relaxing to listen to.

  70. Fred on 29 June

    Really enjoy the great music form across the pond in USA. Keep the sounds coming.

  71. Gretta J on 23 June

    I listen with my young adult grandkids, she wishes more kids would like this music. Thank You

  72. C Martin on 16 June

    Would love to know the song and singers featured in the Mark Steyn show tonight with the happy birthday Polka.

  73. Edward Marples on 16 June

    I listened to Nicola Farnon (Jazz Bassist) in Leopold Square Sheffield on Saturday afternoon and then heard her Great Uncle Robert Farnon on Seranade that evening, Coincidence!!

  74. Paul - Rye, East Sussex on 14 June

    I don’t think there’s another radio station in the world which plays Klaus Wunderlich on a regular basis; Serenade, you’re an absolute joy!

    Thank you to everyone involved who gives of their time freely, your sheer professionalism consistently shines through.

  75. Lincoln on 13 June

    I am SO very glad to have found you! Thank you for the brilliant programming AND for using jingles by JAM of Dallas! The listening experience is just as it should be; smart, smooth, and joyful!

  76. John on 12 June

    I am impressed, constantly by your radio station!
    Andy Marriott is always a gem, Sing something simple is wonderful. But Mark Steyn is a new find for me, I always enjoy his program, interesting and what research! Thank you all.
    I will be donating immediately.

  77. Jay on 12 June

    There’s something rather poignant about Sing Something Simple. It could bring a tear to my eye as I recall my dear old dad tuning in many years ago.

  78. Orson Swindle on 12 June

    And, Nancy Wilson — stunning list of my favorites, Mark. Well done!!

  79. John Huggett on 7 June

    You play the music I would choose, I have not heard anything I don’t like, keep it going please.

  80. Chris Cleave on 3 June

    The wife and I love Serenade Radio. We listen at home in Ashford, Kent on smart speakers, 3 dotted around the house. Alexa, play Serenade Radio. We love Matt Monro, Nat King Cole, Julie London, Val Doonican, Norman Luboff Choir, Four Freshman, the Hi’Lo’s, Bing Crosby, Ken Dodd, Norman Wisdom, Anita Kerr Singers, Roger Whittaker, Jeri Southern, June Christy etc., etc. In fact, pretty everything you play we like. Love Sing Something Simple on Sundays too. Now we’ve got a speaker for the car as we used to miss it when we were out. The only artists we don’t like are Eartha Kitt , Dinah Washington and Mary Wilson, but even they are better than today’s music. Love Andy Marriott and his sense of humour and the fact that he and most of the presenters have no time for all that PC rubbish we have nowadays. I also love he ends his programme with an excerpt from The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. I wish I was in a position to donate but I am only part-time so don’t have spare cash, but I’ll remember you in my will. If possible on the 1pm to 3pm show it would be nice to hear Stephanie de Sykes “We’ll Find Our Day,” or Guys & Dolls “Here I Go Again, ” or Paul Da Vinci “Your Baby Ain’t Your Baby Anymore.” All lovely songs that would be ideal for that programme. I won’t hold you to it though, because what you play is fine. The only time we don’t listen is between 12pm-2pm on a Sunday, but at 2pm I tune straight back in to Serenade and watch footie on the tv with no sound as I’m listening to the radio. Thanks for the only radio station of its type. Love it at Christmas too, when you played Christmas songs by Andy Williams, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby etc that reminded me of my childhood.

  81. Eddie Lewisohn on 31 May

    Mark Steyn announced to his listeners on GBNews (30/5/22)-:
    “I love ABBA.”
    Possibly Mark was joking (or perhaps he meant Eden Ahbez, the “Nature Boy” songwriter, who recorded under the name Abba.)
    But I have a horrible feeling that he wasn’t.
    Does he really share his co-presenter Dan Wooton’s passion for the kings & queens of Kitsch?
    I think we should be told!

  82. Tony James on 29 May

    Once again, another well thought out and programmed, Sunday Breakfast, from the brilliant Steve James (no relation). In the 37 years I’ve been in the radio industry, I have seen so much of the business destroyed, so your show is a bit of an oasis.
    Well done Steve, keep it up. Simon Mcleans Dinner at 8 is another Serenade highlight. Steve could i suggest, as you like forgotten oldies to try the track ‘The Music Plays on’ by Del Shannon from his 67 album of the same name?,
    Best wishes, Tony James

    • Steve James on 30 May

      Thank you very much indeed Tony. I’ll certainly check out the Del Shannon track you mention. All suggestions welcome!

  83. Armando Loni on 28 May

    We discovered the station over a year ago – what a joy – on constantly. I hope Andy M comes back with more of the TV theme show….. That gave us a few pointers to seek out DVDs 😄👍🏻

  84. John in Liverpool on 22 May

    Kevin Taylor’s two weekend evening shows are another highlight of this great station. I’m spreading the word about SR and hope these shows go on a catch-up facility some time. Bravo, all.

  85. Phil Creighton on 21 May

    Just to say how much I love listening across the week. The sheer variety is such a joy to listen to. Big band, easy listening, reflective pieces, 60s…it’s all there. A great example is Saturday afternoons with Cindy Kent. A lovely mixture of music and chat.

    • CindyKent on 21 May

      Thank you very much – and yes, Serenade is a great station! Your point about the variety is what makes it so special. Keep listening!

  86. Sandra Shofner on 20 May

    Listening from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (U.S.A.) via the Radio Garden APP, and I absolutely LOVE Serenade Radio! Thank you for the wonderful, quality programming!

  87. Steve on 20 May

    Serenade is the TCM of classic radio!
    The BEST!!

    Hailing from Sloan, Nevada, USA

  88. Bobbi Bishop on 19 May

    I wanted to tell you hello and that I am listening to your station in Maryland in the United States. I found your station on the Radio Garden app. I am enjoying the music very much. Thank you for what you do. You are helping me get through my workday. Many blessings!

  89. Neil on 16 May

    Just a note to flag an error Mark in your commentary in the always excellent Song of the Week this Week. Bing recorded Time on My Hands for his 1976 album Feels Good, Feels Right with arrangements by Alan Cohen. This recording wasn’t part of the Ken Barnes/Pete Moore work. You are perfectly correct however that this is latter Bing at his best. It’s an absolute corker.

    • Mark Steyn on 22 May

      Very sorry about that, Neil. I was going off a vague memory of chatting with Ken Barnes and him telling me what a great Pete Moore chart that is. But I should have checked, and will from now on. Glad you agree on what a corker it is.

  90. Brian Bunn on 14 May

    Hi, Just wondered if there’s any chance of repeating “Music While You Work” and “Sing Something Simple” ? I really like these two programmes, but am not available to listen sometimes.

    • Andy Marriott on 15 May

      Hi Brian, At the moment there are no plans to repeat either programme I’m afraid. Nothing is set in stone though. Of course, Sing Something Simple does get an early morning repeat on Mondays at 5am, but that’s probably a bit anti-social! Thanks for getting in touch.
      Andy Marriott, Station Manager.

  91. Paul on 13 May

    Discovered Serenade Radio on Mark Steyn’s awesome site. I feel the personal comments and introductions add so much enjoyment to the wonderful playlists. I am Paul from SW Ohio

  92. Phil Burton on 11 May


    Love your jazz programme. Absolutley enjoyed All Of Me this week.

    • Stuart Linnell on 8 May

      Thank you Frank. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for listening.

  93. Tom Colmey on 8 May

    Listening to Steve James this Sunday morning and what a fantastic choice of tunes (as always) but just made my Sunday morning. Love Serenade 👍

    • Steve James on 8 May

      Thank you Tom, that’s very kind. I do my best!

      • TJ on 15 May

        Hi Steve, Regular listener to your fab Sunday Breakfast. Please would be kind enough to email me the title of the instrumental that you played just after 8 this morning, directly before Bob Lind.Many thanks, keep up the great work.
        Kind regards TJ

        • Stevc James on 15 May

          Hi TJ, thank you for your kind comments. The track in question was ‘Mexican Shuffle’ by Herb Alpert & His Tijuana Brass. Incidentally, at the bottom of the main page of the website there is a rolling list of the last ten songs played, so you can always check on there if something catches your ear.

  94. Pat on 3 May

    Doing a very boring job – sorting through piles of clothes – and Simon McLean is making the whole process bearable – playing some great tunes!

    • Simon McLean on 3 May

      Thank you very much – I’m delighted to hear it helped!

  95. Scott Woodard on 2 May

    I think it was Brian who played ‘Blarney’s Stone’ by Alan Hawkshaw today and then wondered if it had ever been used as a TV theme tune, and yes, it was! It was used as the theme for ‘Dave Allen at Large’ for many a year!

  96. Charles J. van Doornewaard on 1 May

    Greetings from Grootebroek in The Netherlands, approximately 47 miles north of Amsterdam. I recently discovered your great station and I enjoy the fabulous music that I have been hearing. I also like the the fact that the music aired is being identified on your website. Keep up the great excellent work, and I will be listening to your station very regularly. You may count on that. Best regards.

  97. Liz on 30 April

    I’m listening to your amazing station from Whangarei (pronounced “Fong-a-ray”) which is in the North Island of New Zealand. I have not heard such a fabulous line up of songs on any other station, I’m in my mid 50’s and this music just speaks to me. I just want to say a huge thank you for playing these nostalgic and relaxing songs. I will donate so I can help continue this great station. It’s not much as things are tight, but it’s a wee token to show my support and appreciation.

  98. Iris Furnell on 26 April

    I have so enjoyed my sing-along with Serenade Radio this morning – Morning has Broken, The Old Rugged Cross (my father’s favourite) and Amazing Grace – plus the usual wonderful old “standards”. Thank you so much for giving your time to help keep us “oldies” happy – so pleased to have been told about you by my son who does some presenting on City of Lincoln Radio, and who is fully aware that I am not such a keen follower of his 70’s Programme!

    • John Walton on 27 April

      As a co-founder of the station you mention and in recent years a regular contributor to Serenade Radio, I’d be pleased if you could pass my thanks to your son, Andy, both for his steadfast work as a community radio presenter and also for his recommendation that you listen us here at Serenade. I’m glad it’s worked out. Thank you for your kind words and support,

  99. John in Liverpool on 24 April

    As much as I love SR’s weekday shows, I’ve a particular affection for the weekend programmes from Ed Wellman, Steve James, Simon McLean, Kevin Taylor and Peter Tomlinson. Wish they could be repeated.

  100. Glenys Day - Leeds on 22 April

    Hi I have just seen a comment from Chris Hitchcock. I am sure this must be the Chris who for many a year ran the Dublin Branch of the Sinatra Music Society. Please would you pass on my good wishes. I am still Secretary for the Leeds Branch and many of our members are regular listeners.

    • Anne Wade on 23 April

      Hi Glenys I was born in Leeds many many years ago and moved to the the USA as a young girl😀 I love SR listen every day😊 Brings back memories when I listened to the old wireless as a kid😲 And the English accent 😀 is a plus👏🏻

  101. Paul - Rye, East Sussex on 21 April

    It’s great to hear Serenade continuing to go from strength to strength – David Yarnall’s new show is fantastic, such a relaxed manner and superb music choices.
    Do my ears deceive me, or is that Mr “Deadly Alancoat” The Voice of the Balls now doing some of the continuity announcements? If so, amazing!
    Hats off and a huge thank you to everyone involved for making Serenade so very special.

    • David Yarnall on 22 April

      Thank you Paul for your very kind comment on my programme and delivery and yes, Serenade Radio is indeed as you put it going from ‘strength to strength’ and receiving communications from listeners will help us to continue to do so. It is Alan and a number of listeners have said how pleased they are to hear him.
      Thank you again and I hope you’ll keep listening to the station.

  102. Tony Holden on 17 April

    Just been blown away with Mark Kingswood on Johnny Beerling’s Big Band Special, was great to hear him continue the tradition of crooning in modern times, hope to hear some more

  103. Chris Hitchcock on 17 April

    Discovered Serenade Radio in the online music magazine In Tune and as a local radio presenter volunteer in Dublin, Ireland I understand the need for stations such as Serenade in a world of soundalike pop stations that have taken over the airwaves. I enjoyed the archive piece The Billy Ternet Hour yesterday and hearing the witty ripostes between Roger Moffatt and the bandleader brought back many happy memories. Keep up the good work. I noticed one of our major supermarket retailers have advertised with you.

    • Andy Marriott on 17 April

      Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your kind words. Glad you have found us and are enjoying what we do.
      I agree about Roger M, very entertaining.
      As for advertising we don’t carry any. We have no commercial content whatsoever. We are funded entirely by generous donations from listeners, and our own pockets.
      If you heard a commercial it was inserted by Tune-in or one of the other stream providers. If you have an Alexa device there are instructions on our “Tuning in” page to avoid the ads completely!
      Thanks for your message. All the best,
      Andy Marriott, Station Manager

  104. Steve on 17 April

    First time listening on a very late Saturday evening (early Sunday morning) – 2:23 AM here – in central Pennsylvania, and the music and the presenter are both fantastic!

    • Ed Wellman on 17 April

      Thank you for listening Steve, and for your kind words about the Dawn Chorus – next roll call is on Saturday 1am your time, if you’re a night owl! The Weekend Wish at 6.30 (1.30) will be for you – what can I play you?
      Best wishes,
      Ed – The Dawn Chorus

      • Steve on 24 April

        Thank you so much for the Weekend Wish – that made my night!

  105. Alex Moore on 15 April

    Recently found your station on my phone app. An absolute gem! I am 75, living in West Lothian, and listen in the late evening going to sleep. I enjoy guessing the singer which tends to extend my listening time. My tinnitus seems to fade when I tune into your excellent playlists. Keep up the good work. Gratefully yours.

  106. Graham O on 10 April

    Mark where do you get all this information regarding your featured songs? You are a goldmine of information, a real pleasure which the likes of Sir Roger Scruton would have nostalgically appreciated ! Thanks!

  107. Anne Wade USA on 8 April

    Love listening to the new kid on the block😊 David Yarnall👏🏻 he plays some really cool music🎼
    And has an interesting voice 😎 Big welcome to the SR family😊

    • David Yarnall on 10 April

      Thank you Anne for your very kind words – they are much appreciated and I’m so glad you enjoy my programme. New kid on the block I may well be to Serenade Radio after about 18 years away from the world of the wireless having taunted people for 25 years or so previous to 2004/2005 here in the Uk on local and national radio – I thought the populace needed a rest!! It’s a great radio station with which to be involved and I am enjoying my return to the world of broadcasting. Thanks again for taking the trouble to contact Serenade Radio and keep listening.

  108. Dave Hilton on 5 April

    Serenade Radio is being played all day for me through my ‘Alexa’. I just love the variety of music, so much is of my era, I am now in my 80s and my musical appreciation sort of declined after 1960! Listening to ‘Music while you work’ each morning takes me back to the days of working in a factory in the early 50s. Keep it up.

  109. John on 2 April

    Listening in and enjoying the new ‘Dawn Chorus’ with Ed Wellman from 6am. And, he’s back Sunday morning too. Bravo, Serenade.

  110. Anne Wade on 27 March

    Love listing to Mark Steyn ❤️ His stories are so informative and so different in so many ways. Great job👏🏻👏🏻 Miss seeing you on Tucker😄 hope to see you back soon😊 U.S.A.🇺🇸

  111. Glenda. Hampshire on 27 March

    So sorry to hear Paul Robey and David Lloyd have left Serenade Radio.
    Paul welcomed me to the station during the Lockdown when for six months we were able to receive your programmes via Dab Radio in the car.
    Used to listen to David on Sunday afternoon whilst relaxing after Sunday lunch. I have to thank him for introducing me to a fantastic Michael Feinstein track ‘My Romance’ which has become a very firm

  112. RAY on 26 March

    great programme tonight Roger…for me worth another listen on Monday…am really pleased Andy
    mentioned your show last year,otherwise doubt I would have known about it,as music is well before
    my time,but thoroughly enjoy the varied selections played.

  113. Paul W on 26 March

    Such a chilled afternoon listening to Cindy Kent in the garden with a glass of wine. So good for the soul! Thanks, Cinders!

    • Cindy kent on 13 April

      Thank you Paul. Love my two hours on Serenade. Such a joy playing great music.

  114. Robin in Cheshire on 26 March

    Jeff Owen’s show is always so interesting, the facts he comes up with! I love his choice of music and his sense of humour. I wish he was on more often…
    Thanks for such a great radio station, I’m so pleased I found you.

    • Jeff Owen on 27 March

      Hello Robin ,
      We’re so pleased that you found us too!
      I’m afraid that my brain has become a Steptoe’s yard of random fact clutter over the years. I do tend to share them don’t I?
      Glad that you’re enjoying it all, and thanks for your kind comments.

      All the best.

  115. Anne Wade on 23 March

    Sorry to hear David Lloyd is leaving SR loved listening to his soothing voice🙂 he will be missed🥲
    Best wishes and god speed David🙏🏻

  116. Jim Wilson on 22 March

    So sad to see David Lloyd leaving Serenade. He has a wonderful relaxing voice for radio

  117. Jay & Karen in Kentucky on 19 March

    This Richard ‘Groove’ Holme is fantastic! Have a new album to buy now. Thank you!

  118. Cynth on 19 March

    Listening to Showstoppers from the Midlands. Love it , sooo relaxing

  119. Ray Burnett on 17 March

    Thanks Serenade for including the UK Time on your website. In New Zealand, with NZ Standard Time or NZ Daylight Saving and UK Daylight Saving (any combination thereof), it took a degree in higher mathematics to work our whether we were 11, 12 or 13 hours ahead of the UK and made following a particular programme a hit-and-miss affair. Not any more, problem solved, so thanks again.
    On a different note, Mark Steyn’s Song of the Week on 13 February was “As Time Goes By”. About halfway through, Mark played, as background to his spiel, an instrumental version of the song, instantly recognisable as that by the Beegie Adair Trio. I’m sure Mark was aware of the untimely passing of Beegie on 23 January and that this was a lovely but unannounced tribute to her. She recorded over 100 albums over her lifetime, and I’m pleased to hear her occasionally on Serenade.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Simon McLean on 17 March

      Very sorry to hear Beegie Adair is no longer with us – her music turns up quite often in my Music Box shows, and it’s always a delight.

  120. Erica on 13 March

    Mark Steyn…
    I absolutely love your “Song of the Week” show. Getting to hear all the different renditions of songs I’d only heard by one or two artists; e.g., today… I love the Platters–greatest group of the 1950’s. Nevertheless, I like Tamara’s version (not the one in “Roberta”) of “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” best of all. I had never heard it before today. To your point that the song kept getting slower & slower… Why do arrangers think that love songs have to be sung like funeral dirges to sound emotionally authentic? I have the same problem with Roberta Flack’s version of “The First Time I Saw Your Face.” After listening to the rendition on my favorite Gordon Lightfoot album (his first, I believe) for so long, that’s what hers sounds like to me… A topic for another day perhaps. Looking forward to next week. 🙂

  121. schatzi on 12 March

    Shout out to all the hosts/hostesses that give so much enjoyment. Special howdy to Andy Marriott for all the giggles. Toodle pip!

  122. Stephen on 11 March

    I can’t get up in the morning until I have heard Andy’s “bit of twaddle”. Invariably funny but please no more Charlie Drake as he drives me mad. Love the show apart from when he’s on. Greetings from Halifax.

  123. John in Liverpool on 8 March

    Hi Mark Steyn. I’d be interested to know what Sinatra thought of the work of Bacharach and David as the easy listening hitmakers of the 60s when Frank was recording more contemporary songs.

  124. David Bownes on 8 March

    Hi Andy , you played Johnny Mathis today singing “A Time For Us” , and wanted to know which film it came from, it was Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet, staring Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting, sung in
    Italian in the film , there is another very good version by Shirley Bassey
    Thanks for another great programme

  125. Karel Pieter Buijse on 6 March

    Hello Friends! As a regular listener of Serenade Radio for about one and a half years I want to thank you for the continuing sound of easy listening music! Thanks to a advertisement by you on Facebook
    I discovered Serenade Radio on my internet radio with big speakers here in the Netherlands! I have weekly contact with Kevin Taylor and talk about music and his outstanding programs. Also the other presenters do a great job of course. Question: is it possible to please the listeners with very nice duets and put them into your library: Ann Murray together with Glenn Campbell with: I say a little prayer/ By the time I get to Phoenix, which they integrated to one beautiful song? Also the easy listening soulversion of it by Dionne Warwick together with Isaac Hayes: I say a little prayer/ By the time I get to Phoenix? The last one I have on LP record and both are easy to find on YouTube. I hope you can help us and please many listeners! Keep up the good work! Greetings Karel Pieter Buijse, Netherlands.

  126. Felice C on 5 March

    Greetings from Palm Desert, California! I’ve been a listener for about 3 years now, thanks to my friend, Kevin Taylor. Love your eclectic format! I get to hear many interesting songs. I especially enjoy “Sing Something Simple”. It is on early Sunday mornings while I read the newspaper. The top of the hour ID and time signal give a sense of live radio. I am a big fan of Petula Clark and Francoise Hardy and it is great to hear them both featured on a regular basis. Keep up the good work!

  127. Jeff Baker on 5 March

    Greetings from London…London, Kentucky, that is…..Serenade Radio is the best radio station on the internet. Wonderful music. Soothes my mind and soul. The streaming quality is stunning. I love to run the audio from my laptop into my stereo and have wonderful sound all around my house. On headphones where I can hear all of the nuances and the slightest bit of channel separation (stereo)…unless the track that is playing is in mono, of course. At night I run the laptop audio into the inputs on my bookshelf stereo on the headboard of my bed. The speakers separated on to each side of the headboard so I can lay in bed and sleep with beautiful stereo clarity. The variety of Serenade Radio is much appreciated. All of you people do a superb job.

  128. Terie DeJong on 4 March

    I’m a relatively new listener, surviving on the perimeters of Toronto, enjoying Mark Steyn’s show on Serenade Radio – a huge fan of Mark’s books, opinion pieces, tv appearances and his cruise would be fantastic someday. Two songs I can’t get enough of lately are: Love Letters by Ketty Lester and Your Heart Belongs to Me, by the Supremes. I adore the simplicity, the poignancy. It made me wonder about our text/twitter/tiktok world and if any songs exist or are even possible, with the same tenderness. Are there any current songs, pining for a sweetheart, stationed in some far away military post? I wonder what Mark’s perspective might be on the subject?

  129. Paul - Rye, East Sussex on 3 March

    Another fabulous show from John Darvall today – swinging even more than usual!

    Hats off too, to Andy Marriott for giving the fabulous Lawrence Welk an airing earlier and for always starting my day off with a smile and a laugh.

    Keep up the fantastic work and a big thank you to all involved in making Serenade so very special.

    • Andy Marriott on 4 March

      Thanks Paul, thanks for supporting us too. I will pass your comments on to John.
      All the best

  130. John on 28 February

    What an oasis of calm Ed Wellman provides on Mondays with the softer side of the 60s and 70s

    • Ed Wellman on 9 March

      Hello John, thank you for being part of ‘the softer side’ through the week. We all need some calm don’t we? Mondays come round very quickly and I look forward to them! Thank you so much for being there. Ed

      • John in Liverpool on 14 March

        Thanks for the mention today, Ed. Yes, I look forward to Mondays too. It’s my ‘non working day’ so, a double bonus to tune in. Enjoyed the unofficial road trip theme you had. And the “it’s because” story. Too true!

  131. Erica on 27 February

    Mark Steyn… I’m in Toms River, N.J….I have followed you everywhere since I first heard you sitting in for Rush Limbaugh, including your “Song of the Week” today… Louisiana Gov. Jimmie Davis. Unless I mis-heard something, you mixed him up a bit with the late, great Jimmie RODGERS from Meridian, Mississippi. You played, for example, “T For Texas”, Rodgers (the Singing Brakeman) Blue Yodel #1 and attributed it to Jimmie Davis. Jimmie Rodgers never ran for anything but a train in his brief life (He died young from TB) and those yodeling songs were his.

    • Mark Steyn on 27 February

      Hi, Erica: Actually, I said that, as a young aspiring musician, Jimmie Davis’s hero and greatest influence was Jimmie Rodgers. That’s why I played “Blue Yodel #1”. The other yodels were indeed by Jimmie Davis, who modeled his yodeling on “The Singing Brakeman”. Catch the Thursday repeat (4pm NJ time), and sorry for any confusion.

  132. Steven Morson, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire on 25 February

    Just listening to that God of Radio (2) singing “Oh My Father Had A Rabbit….”, played by another Titan, Andy Marriott 😎

    Before Christmas, I heard “Jogging On The Bog-Eyed Jog” another classic. I agree with every word you said this morning, Andy, the upside being Serenade is my most listened-to station, and as I’ve had no televisions for years, I listen a lot! Kevin Taylor’s on in a few hours; imagine, he’s actually MET Jo Stafford – that impresses me still! Many thanks to you all for all the wonderful programmes you create.

  133. Colin on 23 February

    Afternoon all.great tunes all day as was a fabulous 1st programme from David Yarnall!Was it Alan Dedicoat “Voice of the Balls” announcing at 3 pm?

    • David Yarnall on 23 February

      Thank you Colin. Glad to be back broadcasting after about 17 years! I’m glad you enjoyed the programme. And yes it was Alan announcing!

  134. Diana on 22 February

    Good morning all. Thought Music while you work tunes amazing. But loving Brian Savin now too. Keep up the good work you are appreciated . Have a lovely day

  135. Phil, Kent on 16 February

    Highlights of the Serenade week for me are Steve James’ weekend shows for the brilliant music and Allen Fleckney on a Wednesday afternoon for a good chuckle! Thanks to Andy and all at the station for providing such a great service.

  136. Alan Bond on 15 February

    Just tuned in at about 7.30 on a Tuesday morning to hear some real music, which makes a nice change from the dross that most radio stations churn out 24/7. Not everything is my exact cup of tea, being a jazz fan, but none of it assails the ear like the mediocre consumer noise of today’s world of ‘pop’. My local radio stations could do with taking a leaf out of your book and, perhaps, just for part of the day they could broadcast something other than that awful ‘pop’ noise.

  137. Paul on 14 February

    Listening, as usual, to Andy’s fantastic breakfast show whilst walking the dogs this morning, I just want to wish everyone involved in making Serenade Radio so very, very special a happy seventh birthday. Long may you continue providing this rarity – proper radio!

  138. Jim Wilson on 14 February

    Happy Birthday Serenade Radio….seven wonderful years of proper music

  139. Julie on 12 February

    I was at the dentist with the hygienist and we were talking about the radio station she had playing in the background. I told her about serenade and how brilliant it is she immediately asked Alexa to start playing it. Another convert I hope.
    I really love hearing all the old songs, just wish you were available on normal radio.
    Many thanks to all of you that give your time in giving us lovely music and songs to listen to.

  140. David Bownes on 6 February

    Peter Tomlinson, a brilliant show this afternoon, thank you so much for playing It’s always four AM , I have never heard it played on any radio station before. You are right it would have been ideal for Sinatra also for Nat King Cole.
    Found Serenade Radio over a year ago and now it is a constant companion, thank you all for providing so much enjoyment. Long may you continue. Will probably be listening again at 4am

  141. George Hodkin on 6 February

    Listening in the West Midlands, a warm welcome to Jane Markham this wet and cold Sunday morning, your gentle tones are welcome in our warm kitchen as we enjoy a late breakfast. Looking forward to repeating the experience every Sunday.

  142. Ian Hall on 5 February

    Jeff Owen…. The very best programme on any radio station currently. Great music but even better chat and comment. Brilliant entertainment. Thanks very much, Jeff. You make my day.

    • Jeff Owen on 11 February

      Hello Ian,
      That’s very kind of you – I usually get complaints!
      Pleased to hear that you enjoy it, and thanks for listening.

  143. Mark on 1 February

    This station remains a joy . One of the most beautiful things I’ve found or listened to in years . Thank you for all involved. The late 60s early 70s shows on a weekend are a delight. I didn’t know anyone loved this harmony and gentle music as much as I do

  144. David Bownes on 30 January

    Thanks Peter Tomlinson for another wonderful programme, listening during the daytime today , but maybe listening again at 4.00 am. The song “It’s always 4 am” by Sammy Cahn and Ron Anthony was on Shirley Bassey’s LP “Does anybody miss me” released in 1969 remastered and issued on a double CD in 2009 . The song is unusually for her, a calm and gentle performance , it was arranged by Artie Butler. It has been recorded by Murray Ross in 1991and Claire Martin in 1995, a neglected jem of a song.
    Thank you all at Serenade radio for a such brilliant radio station.

    • Peter Tomlinson on 1 February

      Just for you I have found it and it will be in Sunday’s show, thank you for listening and for your kind comments.

  145. Jay & Karen, Kentucky USA on 28 January

    Hours of nightly entertainment for us! Very happy to have discovered this and donate to keep the good music coming!

  146. Carolyn on 23 January

    Yes, I’m listening here at 3.45am on Monday morning 🙂 Couldn’t sleep so got up and made a cuppa which I am enjoying whilst listening and doing a jigsaw or two on line. Shall be off to bed again in an hour or so. I am a regular listener from Bath.

    • Peter Tomlinson on 1 February

      Thank you Carolyn for your comments. It is really good to know that someone is listening in the wee small hours of a Monday morning, for whatever reason !!

  147. John Mc, Liverpool on 23 January

    I only have one question. Why did it take me so long to discover this wonderful station? My Shazam has never been busier picking up the classics and versions of songs I’ve never heard before. Enjoying Peter Tomlinson, but in the respectable hours of a Sunday afternoon! Bravo SR.

    • Peter Tomlinson on 25 January

      The important thing John is not that you have taken so long but that you have found us, thank you. Please spread the word!

  148. D.J.R. on 22 January

    Great to hear Gilbert O’Sullivan played regularly on the station, just a brilliant singer ,songwriter & performer who never got the appreciation he truly deserved . He still tours & packs venues, go see him if you get chance & re live some wonderful seventies times thro some timeless songs .

  149. Frank Leadon on 16 January

    Sunday night, great presenting from Palm Springs and two great artists Joseph Leo Bwarie and Lois Lane, a rare one

    • Kevin Taylor on 17 January

      Thank you Frank, I’m so glad you enjoyed the show and musical selections. Sending warm wishes from Palm Springs.

  150. Stuart Corless on 16 January

    Hello Andy. I seem to have heard all your 8-30 fun songs, Terry Wogan used to play :Paddy and the bricks: I’m not sure which version, but there are quite a few. I’d like to hear it again, thanks. Rossendale Lancs

  151. David, St Leonards on sea on 14 January

    What a great station! Thank you for providing an island in a sea of mediocrity and a welcome place away from Shouty FM. Thank you.

  152. Ray Harrison, Leeds on 10 January

    Even though you play a great variety of music by many artists, was thinking several days ago I have never heard anything by one of comedies all time greats ‘Tony Hancock’..come on Andy put that right in one of your nonsense songs sometime..I am a big fan of his..had several vinyl albums, and saw lots of his tv shows, and have listened to all his radio shows via bbc sounds. thanks.

    • Andy Marriott on 12 January

      Hi Ray,
      I agree some Hancock would be nice, the trouble is he tended to do half-hour sketches rather than the 2-3 minutes I would need for the nonsense spot. The same is true of another much-requested comedian Bob Newhart. I will see if I can find some suitable snippets.

  153. Cynthia & Tom Viersen on 7 January

    We love your music and thought you might like to know some of your audience. We live in Niagara-on -the- Lake in Canada. One of our Granddaughters, Kristin is currently studying at the Sorbonne in Paris France and absolutely loves Serenade radio. A second granddaughter lives in Naples, Florida and is equally enamoured with Serenade radio. We have sent you a small donation to show our gratitude

  154. Ray Harrison, Leeds on 5 January

    Have only been listening since last September,but tune in everyday now..what a variety of music over festive season,nowhere else can you get that..lovely hearing Don Black,and Roger Williams Dance Band Days was so good at xmas I listened to repeat as Andy,an excellent presenter..I also enjoyed Bing Crosby xmas special a lot,so basically thanks to Serenade, always something to listen to,which is more than I can say for radio 2 these days.

  155. Andrzej on 3 January

    Nice music – real music. I listen to you from small village, near Cracow, Poland. You should give the title of the song, and performer name on the screen, while playing it.

    • Andy Marriott on 3 January

      Hi Andrzej, Thanks for your comment.
      We do supply artist and title information to all players, clearly it’s not working for you. Please email me directly from the ‘Contact us’ page and I’ll try to help you get it working.

  156. Mr & Mrs J Grainger on 2 January

    So enjoy listening to “Serenade Radio” especially Peter Tomlinson’s programme on Sundays and then reminiscing with “Sing Something Simple”. How come there is no picture of Peter on the Presenters’ page? Would like to see one please!! Thank you everyone.

  157. Matt on 2 January

    A calming mix of music in an otherwise noisy world! Thank you. Enjoying Johnny Beerling tonight. Please could you pass on the compliment?

    • Brian Pharoah on 4 January

      Agree listen to Johnny Beerling every Sunday would not miss it

      • Johnny Beerling on 10 January

        Thank you Matt and Brian, it means a lot to hear how pleased our listeners are. We all do it because we love the music and all we ask is that you tell your friends and relations about what we have to offer. Thank you for taking the trouble to write.

  158. Chips Panini on 29 December

    Just love Serenade in West Norfolk!
    Please, please, please get on wider platforms to bring your unique presentation and music choices to a wider audience! You deserve so much more exposure to a wider public so they can enjoy the Serenade Style!
    All the best for 2022, Chips in West Norfolk .

  159. Julia Edwards on 29 December

    I discovered your station just before Christmas, through Mark Steyn. What an incredible station! What brilliant Christmas programming! It makes me forget about these dreadful times and gives me a bit of peace. Thank you.

    • Revd Cindy Kent on 5 January

      Thank you Julia – we really enjoyed putting the Christmas shows together

  160. Anne Wade on 27 December

    I want to thank you for a spectacular Christmas week of beautiful music The variety of carols and the choral music were brilliant. You really outdid yourself This is the first year listening to SR and I can say it’s the best station ever. Hope to listen for many years to come. Kudos to all your staff who put on a great show.
    Happy 2022

    • Brian Bunn on 28 December

      Anne, I thoroughly agree with all your comments. It was great listening to the retro Christmas songs, and Serenade got it spot on, by not playing the songs too early, but having a whole week of them before Christmas was so relaxing, and not the rubbish (Carey, Band Aid etc) that are played to death on the other stations ! I particularly enjoyed hearing different versions of the songs by artists from the 50’s and before.

  161. Judith Albutt on 24 December

    Serenade Radio is everything and much more than I could wish for! With my passion for Easy Listening music Serenade Radio brings music across the whole spectrum. Big Band, Swing, Light Classical, Jazz and the added bonus of Sing Something Simple, a programme I listened to with my parents on the Light Programme on a Sunday afternoon back in the 50’s, Music While you Work too! Happy Christmas to each and everyone involved in this perfect presentation!

  162. Andrea McPhail on 22 December

    Really enjoyed listening to the Christmas selection this evening, from Andy Marriot. Inspired me to ice my Christmas cake – thank you, Serenade, job done!

  163. Glenn on 20 December

    I just had to let you know that Serenade Radio is the station I’ve been waiting for all my life!
    I love everything about it. I stumbled across you by accident and now listen to nothing else. Back in the summer I spent a week in hospital. Serenade really helped to get me through. Please, please keep broadcasting. Life wouldn’t be the same without you!